Friday, 10 August 2012

Rava Kesari/Sooji Halwa

Rava Kesari For Janamashtmi/
Kesari Sooji Halwa/
Semolina Dessert

Hi Friends,
Janamashtmi a Festival of Lord Krishna. I will not go in details. You an see details about this festival here. I kept on planning for the dish i will prepare on this occasion but my all plans washed away as I was not well on this auspicious day. But continuous questions of my son about what i am preparing special for him didn't let me rest since morning. So gathered courage and made Daal Poori, taridaar Chana aloo and this halwa for lunch. All three dishes came out so good. While preparing for lunch question kept on banging in mind what should i make for this festival as after making lunch all strength was flawed away, So at last i stopped on this recipe.
It was my First attempt to try my hand on Rava Kesari, I added a secret ingredient in this, see post to know what was that. My husband suggested to add dry fruits in it and afterwards i also realised that if i have added dry fruits in it then the results would be awesome. Will surely try next time. Herewith I am posting the recipe of RAVA KESARI.

Rava/Sooji   - 2 cup
Ghee            - 2 tbsp
Sugar            - 2 cup
Raisin         - 1 tbsp
Water           - 5 cups
Yellow Clr   - 1 pinch (or u can use kesar)

Take all your ingredients

In a pan add water, sugar,raisin, colour and start heating it
(you need to heat it till the sugar dissolve fully, then switch off the gas)

On the other hand take a big vessel and heat ghee in it

Add sooji/Rava in it

Stir it continuously 

After 5-6 min colour is changed
(I like this much brown, if you want more brown colour then cook for more 2-3 min)

Now add hot water in it and keep a lid ready to cover the vessel
(be careful as it will bubble up a lot)

After adding water stir it and cover it again
(do not leave it for more then 3-4 min otherwise it will stick to the bottom)

Switch off the gas while you get thick consistency like this


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  1. Adjust sugar according to your taste.
  2. Adding kesar is more healthier then colour. 
  3. Be careful after adding water in rava, it will bubble up so stir and cover immediately again stir and cover.
  4. Do not worry if water in more it will dry up. 
  5. Add dry fruits as per your wish, i used only raisin.




  1. yummy can send it to my event SUPER FOODS as you have used raisins in your dish.