Thursday, 16 August 2012

Independence Day Celebration with TIRANGA/TRI COLOR Jelly

Independence Day Celebration 
Hi Friends,
Yesterday we celebrated our 65th Independence Day. I know people talk about bad roads, bad management, bad government and each and every pin point. But I think these kind of people do not know much about other countries. I know there are lot of things which needs to be done. But have you ever thought about the first step which needs to be taken for a betterment of our won country. You now what that step is That is CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST. 
Change your attitude, your mentality.  For example i have seen people standing at bus stand, chatting and eating something, throwing wrappers, peals on the spot and cursing others for cleanness on public places. So what is your view guys. I just wanted to say is stop crying over things, just change yourself, your kids, your family your surroundings and see the turnover.
I MADE THIS FOOD TO EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR MY COUNTRY. This is my way to express my feelings through food i prepare. You can see Tri Color PULAO, SALAD and JELLY. Here with i am posting the recipe of jelly. Salad is self explanatory and Recipe of pulao is coming soon.

Juice              - 1 half ltr bottle (i used orange+litchi juice)
Gelatin          - 3 tsp
Green Color  - 2 drops
Sugar             - 3 tsp

Take your ingredients
(we will mix one cup juice and one cup water)

Now mix 1 cup litchi  juice and one cup water and keep aside
(do same with orange juice)

Now take one cup litchi juice and mix 2 drops green color and mix well  
Now three classes are ready with three color
Mix 1 tbsp sugar in all glasses

Now take half orange juice in a cup and heat half in a pan

Take 1 tsp gelatin and mix in the orange juice very well

Now add this mixed gelatin in heated orange juice and give it a boil

Take your glasses and fill each with equal quantity of it
        Cool it down and set in fridge for 15 min, 
till then follow the procedure for litchi juice and after 15 min take out the glasses from fridge and pour on the set orange juice
So after 45 min You are ready with TIRANGA JELLY

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  1. I wanted to make tricolor so for orange i used orange juice,for white litchi juice and for green i did not find any juice so i used  green food color. Search if you could find any green color juice.
  2. I added one cup water in each 3 glasses of juice i prepared to increase the quantity and added 1 tbsp sugar each glass. yopu can simply use 2 cup juice.
  3. Mix gelatin first in juice then add to heated juice and give a good boil.
  4. Cool heated juice for 2-3 min before putting into fridge for setting.




  1. Jelly look so fabulous.. great color of flag....
    Thanks for linking this wonderful plate in my event:)

  2. Hi Paricash,

    Congrats on your award !! Jelly looks colorful... Thanks for linking this recipe to my event..

    I could see that you have mentioned about linking this recipes to my event.. But there is no link in it plz do add the link... Expecting more recipes from you :)


  3. Love this tri color jelly. Perfect for Independence day celebrations.
    Divya's Culinary Journey

  4. Hey... That's a wonderful dish! Why don't you link it to my ongoing event with a giveaway? Check out this: