Monday, 26 August 2013

Poha aur Nariyal ke Ladoo/Sweet Dumpling with Coconut and Jeggary

Poha aur Nariyal ke Ladoo/
Sweet Dumpling with Coconut and Jeggary
Hi Friends,
Krishan Janamashtmi is very close  now. I never knew that what is prepares specially for this day. I searched for the recipes to try my hands on it. Then i came to know that poha is one of the ingredients used to make recipes on this special day. Lord Krishna loved Poha/flatten rice a lot. I was having some poha in hand so thought to make ladoos (round & sweet dumpling) out of it and which is my son's favorite. He watch Chota Bheem cartoon in which Bheem use to eat so many ladoos and fight like a hero. My son tried to follow him and demand for ladoos every now and then. So it become a great idea to make ladoos for my Krishna my son. He is very very naughty and mischievous boy and a picky eater also. I feel so satisfied if he eat something with interest. He liked these ladoos very much. 
These ladoos are so quick, tasty and healthy. It will take hardly 10 minutes to make them. Its so easy to make that my kids helped me to make them. I am planning to make them in large quantity. Add any dry fruits or nuts in it. They are soft and melt in mouth kind of ladoos. It tastes great with or without coconut. Dry fruits will add great crunchiness in it. My family like it very much. Try it you will also love it.

Poha/Flatten rice- 1 cup
Jaggery- 1/2 cup (as desired)
Coconut-2 tbsp (chopped or grated)
Cardamom- 2-3

Gather your ingredients

Soak poha in water for 10 seconds and drain water

Put soaked poha in grinder

now coconut+jaggery+cardemom
(i have also added few cashew nuts which are purely optional)

grind them to a course mix

Take a spoonful in your hands

make round ladoo with it

All rolled

You can roll them in grated coconut
(i did only one as my kids liked them plain)

Your offering is ready 

My daughter is eager to offer them to you all
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  1. You can add any of your favorite dry fruits in it. For smooth ladoos add them while grinding and for nice crunch crush them and add after grinding all other ingredients.
  2. Don't soak poha in water for more then 10 seconds, for batter results put poha in a strainer and rinse with water twice. It will prevent from the chances of letting them mushy. for thicker variety of poha rinse thrice or more if required.
  3. You can fresh grated coconut in it but i didn't had any in hand so used store bought desiccated coconut.You can make it without coconut also.


Monday, 19 August 2013

Moongfali Chatni/ Peanut Chatni

Moongfali ki Chatni/
Peanut Chatni
Hi Friends,
Festivity is in the air Eid, Rakha Bandhan, Independence Day, Janamashtmi all these festivals added lots of colors to the markets be its colorful rakhis, gifts, tricolor accessories or Radha Krishan dresses & accessories etc etc. Everything is so attractive that you can't stop yourself buying things which you really don't need. Whenever you go to market you came out over the budget shopping and still feeling buying more and more things. Same feelings waves in your mind and heart when you stop by a sweet shop and you see so many colorful sweets that you caught in the grip of dilemma what to buy and what to leave. Sweets are my weakness always. But nowadays i try to avoid them buying. But you know we people have machine life. I thought to make Nariyal/coconut Ladoo for rakhi but busy schedule didn't let me do so. Still i am trying to make it, lets see whether i will be able to do that or finally need to buy stuff from sweet shop which i really don't want.
Now to the today's recipe which is a very quick, tasty and healthy chatni i tried first time. I always say that i am a fan of south Indian cooking. I never thought that it would come out so tasty and my kids and hubby will like it that much. They asked me to make it again. Even i was surprised as i never thought that peanuts can be used to make chatni which will be so lip smacking. I always saw in south Indian recipes using urad daal in chatni/sauce etc. but i always avoid that as i felt that it may remain raw and taste bitter or something like that, but finally when i used this daal in this chutni i was really very much amazed with the results. I liked it very much hope you will like it.

Peanuts- 1/2 cup
Urad Daal-1 tsp
Curry Leaves-8-10
Mustered seeds-1/2 tsp


dry roast peanuts 

take them in grinder
i forgot to peel the skin but it doesn't made any difference

add water and salt little by little and grind it
(don't worry if its not that much smooth)

Heat 1 tsp oil in pan or kadai

add urad daal and cook it few seconds

within a minute it will be brown

now add mustered seeds and let them crackle

add curry leaves

throw this tempring in grinded peanuts

Mix well

It was so Yummmmmmm

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Chaat and Chutneys

Senidng this to
Chaat and Chutneys

  1. You can add chopped green chilly or red chilly pdr while grinding to spice it up.
  2. I forgot to remove the skin of peanuts which i realized while grinding, but still we liked it very much.
  3. Adjust spices according to your taste but all spices makes a difference.


Friday, 16 August 2013

TriColour Cake for Independence Day/ Azadi ka Jashn Tiranaga Cake ke Sath/ Independence Day Special

TriColour Cake for Independence Day/
Azadi ka Jashn Tiranaga Cake ke Sath/
Independence Day Special
Hi Friends,
Hope you enjoyed your day with the spirit of Indian-ism in your heart. Be it cooking tricolor food or flying kites.
I can remember my childhood days how we tried to fly kites and my brother use to make fun of us. Then they allow us to hold charkhi and flying kite for a while. Those were golden days but now we just watch kites flying high in sky. i encourage my kids to enjoy these things but everybody was so busy.
Yesterday was a hectic day for me as i was supposed to finished lots of work. So i thought to make a tricolor cake in the afternoon but in afternoon i got busy with something else and my plan went back to the door. By the evening i was too tired to make anything. But i was feeling so bad for not making anything for this special day. So by throwing my tiredness at bay i started preparing for the cake. I was having very less time for that so there i made few mistakes which i realised later but that didn't effected my spirit and joy of making a cake for my NATION. after making the cake i was all satisfied that at least i made something  Last year i made whole food on tricolor theme that you can see here
Here in this cake a made a mistake to not to measure the batter before dividing them in three parts result uneven colors layer in cake. Green was dominating, orange was fine and white was not that much visible. But that didn't effected the texture of the cake. It was spongy and airy. You can prepare batter and then divide and add color i think that would be more convenient. Use any spoon/cup/bowl to measure the batter that will give you more even layers. So guys now enjoy this TIRANGA CAKE a sweet note for my Nation-INDIA. ENJOYYYYYYY.

Dry Ingredients
Flour-2 cups
Baking Soda-1 tsp
Baking pdr-1 tsp

Wet Ingredients
Oil-3/4 cup
Sugar-3/4 Cup
Hot Water- as required
Food Color- (Green and Orange)- 1 tsp each
Lemon -2
Pineapple Essence- 2 tsp

Dry ingredients

Wet Ingredients

 Sieve dry ingredients

cream oil and sugar
don't worry if there are granules of sugar

add pinapple essence

and hot water 

                             incorporate well

add dry ingredients

mix well
don't panic if batter is too dry

Add hot water and adjust the consistancy

batter is done 
now need to work fast

Divide batter in 3 parts
i did this mistake to not to measure the batter
(use any ladle/cup/bowl if you don't have measuring machine)

Now add orange and green color in two portion and leave third portion white

Now add 1/2 tsp lemon juice in green color batter, 

                   mix well and tip in prepared tin

Do same with  white and orange batter

Baked for 25 minute

A slice for my NATION


I served few pieces with Pink Ice Cream (Recipe coming soon) hsoted by
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  1. You are suppose to work fast after sieving flour and mixing wet ingredients.
  2. You can also pour batter one by one to make it like zebra cake. That would be convenient. I made a mistake to not to measure batter before adding color that's why i got more green batter then white and orange.
  3. You can make batter first and then divide them in 3 parts and add colors.