Friday, 2 August 2013

Oats and Puffed Rice Bars with peanut-butter and Honey Murmura and Oats Bar

Oats & Puffed Rice Bars with peanut-butter and Honey/
Murmura and Oats Bar
Hi Friends,
One more healthy bar (skip oil) in the list. Few days back i bought a huge box of oats to add in my food. But very much not willing to make porridge and making idlis or  was not an easy affair for me as my grinder is not working. So it kept on laying for one week. Secondly yesterday my son called me up while i was in office and said-Mom i am hungry. You made nothing for us. I gave him endless list of things laying in the pantry but he said no i don't want to have this and that. I become so restless at office and decide to make something to munch upon if kids feel hungry. I started searching for easy and healthy recipes as i get very less time after reaching home. 
First thing which caught my attention was murmura and oats bar at Aarthis' space. As both things were laying in the pantry i decide to make them at night. After finishing dinner i made these bars. It hardly took 5-7 minutes to make these bars but required resting time was almost 2 hours in fridge. So i decided to cut them in the morning. I kept it whole night in the fridge. In the morning after preparing kids for school i took it out and started cutting the piece,as soon as i took out one piece my son grabbed it from my hands and started munching. I told them that this is for both of you only have patience, but who was listening all that. They asked me to pack few pieces in there lunch box and put rest of them in fridge then i said what about me? My son said OK YOU CAN HAVE ONE :). Thanks kids for letting me try one :). I think it can also be made without oil. Will try next time. Till then try it guys.

Oats- 1cup
Puffed Rice/Murmura- 1 cup
Peanut Butter- 1 tbsp
Honey - 1/4 cups
Oil -1/4 cups


dry roast murmure/puffed rice 


Now dry roast oats for two minutes

Both dry roasted

Now grease a plate with oil

Now add oil in a pan/kadai

then Honey

peanut butter

within a minute it bubbles will appear on top

switch off the gas stove 
and add roasted oats and puffed rice/murmura

mix quickly

Dump it in greased plate

level it with back of the spoon or whatever is handy

mark cuts and put in fridge for 2 hours

perfect bars are ready to munch

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Guru’s Cooking Giveaway Kids Special ’13
 Guru's Cooking Giveaway Kids Special 2013

  1. You can add any dried fruits, dry fruits, seeds in it as per your choice.
  2. You can choose sugar instead of honey if you are not health conscious and don't mind sugar in your food.
  3. After making it, baking for 5 minutes will make it more crispier.
  4. You can easily skip peanut butter and make it with just oil and honey. My kids love peanut butter so that i added it. 
  5. Keep them in fridge for crunchiness.
  6. I think we can also make it without oil also. Please let me know the results if anybody tried it.