Monday, 12 August 2013

Jaggery Rice/ Gud ke Chaawal/ Ramadan Recipe/ Kids Special

Jaggery Rice/
Gud ke Chaawal/
Ramadan Recipe/
Kids Special
Hi Friends,
I am here after a gap of few days. My camera broke and i use to take all pictures from that only. Now i am again on roll with the new recipes to share with you. As soon as i got my camera i started cooking as i am doing it only to take snaps and posting on my blog :). I made few of recipes in a single day. I was craving to try these recipes. During this period i missed cooking. I missed RAMADAN recipe also :( .I made these rice after a long time and i can remember how my mom use to make these rice and we all sisters and brothers use to relish it every now and then. 
Everybody knows benefits of Jaggery or you can read here. Rainy season brings lots of seasonal infections so healthy and balance eating is a must and when it comes to the craving of sweet tooth a quick and healthy dish will fix your problem. What i normally do is when i boil rice for lunch or dinner i make them in more quantity then required. I keep it separate and make these rice whenever i wish. For authentic taste use ghee instead of butter or vegetable oil. or you can also totally skip it. My family loved it. You can enjoy it in any season like in winters, summers, monsoon etc. It will never disappoint you. Try it guys you will also love it.

Cooked/boiled rice-1 cup
Jeggary - 50gm
Ghee/clerified butter-2 tsp
Dry fruits- 1 tbsp (i used cashews, almonds and raisins)



take half cup water in a vessel

and jeggary in it and boil till jeggary melts

all melted
now let it cool a bit

Heat 2 tsp ghee in a pan/kadai

Fry cashew peanuts and raisins togather

all done

Now in the same kadai sieve the jaggery syrup
(see why its important to melt jaggery)

Boil it

Add cooked rice

Mix it well and cook till all water evaporates

throw in fried dry fruits


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  1. Dissolving jaggery in water is important to remove the impurities.
  2. You can increase or decrease the amount of jeggary as per your taste.
  3. Using ghee is optional for weight watchers but for authentic taste its recommended.
  4. Use any of your favorite dry fruit or make it without any of them.





  1. looks lovely... nice recipe and hope ur camera is ok now... waiting for more recipes from u...

  2. delicious and inviting looking rice and gur combination garnished with cashews. Great preparation.

  3. lovely dish !! thanks for linking to WTML !!

  4. oh the color!!! looks really delicious!!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!