Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eggless Chocolate Brownie in Cooker


Yipeeeeeeeee, I have done it. Since a long long time i was thinking to bake a brownie.  As do not have any oven or microwave, so fear of failure surrounded me for a long time. I kept on reading in the blogs about the aroma which fills the house while baking brownie and uplift your mood, i was desperately waiting to enjoy that aroma. I always searching for a easy recipe for brownie as elaborated ingredients list sacred me a bit. 
But when i saw a very simple recipe of One Bowl Brownie at  Jyoti's blog http://www.jyotibabel.com, very next day i made this.She has so many eggless recipes, now my To Do list is increased. Thank you Jyoti. i can't explain you how excited i was, i enjoyed each and every minute of baking this brownie, from preparing to baking. Aroma while baking  (as i read in the blogs) was just so good and it really lifted up my mood. I know i am suppose to bake a brownie in a square pan, but it was first time i was baking it, so didn't wanted to take a chance so baked in a foil pan and got a dome in the middle. Next time i will add chocolate in it. I am sure it would be more yummier with that. Till then bake this great Brownie and enjoy with vanilla ice cream or with a sip of milk/coffee/tea or as it is. Choice is yours. 

APF Flour           - 1and 1/4 cup
Suger                  - 3/4 cup
Curd                   - 3/4 cup
Cocoa pdr          - 1/2 cup
Milk                   - 3/4 cup
Oil                      3/4 cup
Baking pdr         - 3/4 spoon
Vanilla Essece    - 1 tsp

Take your ingredients

Take sugar flour baking pdr and coco pdr and sieve them together 2-3 times

Sieved and mixed well

Now take oil, milk, curd and vanilla in a bowl 
(now heat your home made oven on medium flame)

Mix Well

Now add sieved dry ingredients one tbsp at a time

Make a smooth batter

Tip that in a pan (i used foil pan , you can use 8" square pan)

Sprinkle dryfruits

Put container in oven and bake for 25 min and check
(if top is crusty now then remove from the oven, or bake for more 5 min and check again)

Mine was done just after 25 min
(see a crusty top and fudge center)




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  1. I felt that sugar was less for me but my husband said its perfect.
  2. Use any dry fruit but for brownie walnuts are recommended.
  3. Brownie should be crusty, hard from top, if you feel after 25 min its spongy then bake for more 5 min  and check again.
  4. I do know what should be the temperature and timing for an oven or microwave, please refer original recipe for that.




  1. Wow Pari.. You made it in pressure cooker.. Great job dear..

    1. Thanks Jyoti, you are my inspiration.

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  2. Hi Pari.. Looks yummy...

    I have an award waiting for you at my blog please feel free to collect it…

    Keep dropping by...

    Sharans Samayalarai

  3. u made this in pressure cooker

    that is awesome

    for me even in oven i messed with settings

  4. is pressure cooker needs to be closed without the weight.........plz reply

    1. yes dear, you should close the cooker without weight and keep in min that never ever heat empty cooker, it will be damaged. Please fill sand or salt on the base half inch inside the cooker then keep the cake pan on it. hope it will help.

  5. hiii thnk u for this lovely dish...m pure vegetarian so hardly find dishes without egg n ol...big thnx from me n my mumma..one thng i would lyk to add is that my uncooked chaaps were completely diffrnt frm frm urs..n when i ate it tasted lyk d chaaps are ovrcooked

    1. dear akanksha, thanks u so much for liking my space. your chaaps might be white or cream color, right? actually there is red color added in these chaaps thats why my chaaps are red. but white or cream color chaaps are more healthier then red once. so don't worry.
      second is that it seems that your chaaps are over cooked. always boil water first and then add chaaps in that, cook for only 5-7 min and then remove, squeeze extra water and fry. don't let it boil for longer.
      i hope your doubts are clear.

  6. I made this, i m so happy, really the experience was great, the taste was out of this world, I topped it wid home made chocolate sauc, it was awesome. thanku so much

  7. lovely recipe love u dear for making such a gorgeous and delicious cake (that too in the pressure cooker)

  8. Well nice way to cook Brownie... This is the way I cooked it-
    Foodies' Fun

  9. Hi Pari Cash..
    Am Just another boy who loves cooking.. Am a beginner for this recipe.. Just wanted to know:
    - Is the foil Pan you use here is the same that Tikki waala's give while serving the tikki aur dahi papdi in Fast food shops?
    - I have to put pure sand in cooker and then put this pan on it for 25 minutes on min flame closed lid w/o weight, right?
    - Does 'sieve' means stirring?
    - After the brownie is prepared can I put molten Cadbury chocolate layer on top of it?
    Please, I'm asking such minor things because I don't want any mistakes, am a beginner.

  10. Hi dear sam,
    here are the answers for your questions-
    1. yes, this is the same foil which is used by chaat walas for tikki paapdi etc.
    2.yes you have to put sand(i got it from construction site nearby my office)then put this pan on it and cook on medium flame without weight. you can put a stand on sand like we use to keep hot pans or cookers then put this pan on it, it will prevent to get burnt brownie from bottom.
    3. Sieve means chalni (we use to sieve our atta/flour before kneading it. you can see my red color sieve in the dry ingredients are kept. you are suppose to sieve dry ingredients for uniform mixing.
    4.yes dear you can put chocolate layers on top.

    Hope i have cleared all questions. you can ask more question. i will be only glad to reply.

  11. THank you very much :)
    I'll make em tomorrow!

  12. Hi pari,
    Can this be prepared in an aluminium container instead of the foil pan. pls reply.

  13. hiiii
    i had tried brownie at home in cooker abt some 10-15 times and i failed everytime
    and this tym all thanks to u that i got perfect brownies.all other times i lost it cz of the proportions of the ingredients. it just never was ryt.
    thannks a ,ot for ur recipie

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  15. Dear Pari I like the pure veg recipes. Would like to know what is the substitute for gelatine and if a cheese cake needs 4 tsp how much the substitue to be added.
    thanks for u site

    1. Dear Unknown, substitute of gelatin is CHINA GRASS. and mostly you will get it in powdered pudding mix. You can check my post here in which i used this pudding mix to make dessert. getting China grass is bit hard but sometimes its available in the stores. If you reside in delhi then you can get it at Malviye Nagar and Hauz Khas.
      You can check my recipe under CHINA GRASS Lable in which i used china grass as substitute to gelatin.

    2. Thanks Pari for a prompt reply. I am Lalita and cooking and baking.

      Thanks for u r site:)

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  17. Hello Pari, first of all thank you very much for sharing this recipe. I am very excited to make it for my 7 yrs old son. Can u plz tell me how can I use cooker for baking?

  18. Dear Garima,
    Take a cooker in which your cake pan will fir,
    now remove weight and rubber gasket from the lid of cooker.
    put sand or cooking salt in the base of cooker
    heat cooker for 5 minutes
    now you can put a stand on it or just place your baking pan on it
    NOTE- never ever heat empty cooker it will damage it

  19. Thank you very much Pari for your reply. I am going to try Pizza and brownie soon and will let you know about the final outcome.

  20. Thanks for sharing this home made yummy recipe. I wanted to make it from long but was not getting a proper way to prepare it at home. Now I will try this at home for sure!
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  21. Can I make this in gas tandoor?

  22. Can I make this in gas tandoor?

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