Friday, 3 August 2012

Kadai Paneer


Hi Friends, 
I hope you enjoyed your Rakhi Celebration fullest. It was a very hectic day but full of excitement. First to preparation for the guests (my husband's sisters) and then rushing to my mom's home for the celebration. Kids were just roaming around, enjoying sweets, gifts, different kind of rakhis. Nowadays there are also rakhis for Bhabi (Brother's wife/sister-in-law) So my hands are also full. I like it very much, especially hanging rakhis.
Only one regret is that i was not well so i whatever i planned for the day, i done only 50% of that. In India do not worry if you missed a festival, next one will be waiting for you. Now i am waiting for JANAMASHTMI which is hardly one week away. Now come back to the yesterday's occasion.This is the thali prepared at my home. I know i haven't done full justice to it.
Now to my mom's home. There are more kids as we all sisters and brothers celebrate together. So thali prepared there is different from this thali. It was very difficult to handle them as all boys were eager to have a cartoon rakhi tied on their hands, all cute girls were excited for their gifts. You know it took one hours to complete their rakhi session. Even these days we sisters also tie rakhis to each other hands heheheh.

See Spider man, Doremon, Duck, Rakhis
Now come to the recipe. Yesterdays menu was Kadai Paneer (one of my favorite), Chatpate Chole, Raita, Rice and chapati. As fridge was already flooded with different kind of sweets and i was not well also so i skipped sweet. I already have Chatpate Chole recipe in my blog. So here i am posting Kadai Paneer recipe for all of you. I do not from where it is originated,and telling you seriously i never thought about it, i just prepare this delicacy and enjoy seeing my kiddies and hubby relishing it. 

Paneer            - 300gm
Capsicum       - 250gm (medium 4-5)
Onion             - 3 Medium 
Tomato           - 3 medium
Jeera               - 1 tsp (Cumin Seeds)
Dhania sabut  - 1 tsp (Coriander Seeds)
Dhania pdr      - 1 tsp (Coriander pdr)
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Chilly pdr        - 1 tsp
Salt                  - as per your taste

Prepare your ingredients
Cut paneer and capsicum in cubes or long strips

Cut half of the onions and tomatoes in long strips and make puree of the rest.
 Collect Spice

Now heat oil in a pan or skillet and 
throw cumin and coriander seeds

Add pureed onion tomato 

Mix and cook for few seconds
Add all spices and cook for 1-2 min till the oil separates

Now add cut onion and tomato

add capsicum

Mix Well and cook for 2-3 min

Now add Paneer 

mix well and cook covered for 2 min



Only Royal Cooking

Sending this to Vardhini's event  DISH IT OUT
Dish it out, dish it out tofu/paneer & bell peppers

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Sending this to Jagriti's Event- Super Foods

  1. I have cut and puree half of the onion and tomatoes your can make more puree and cut only one onion and tomato in strips.
  2. I do not long thin strips of capsicum you can make them more thin as per your choice.
  3. Choose your own spices. For me these were just perfect.




  1. Hi Pari
    love those rakhis..i remember many moons ago we used to buy Filmy Rakhi..glad you had a lovely day with family. Paneer looks awesome..tempting ! thanks for sending it to my event.

  2. It is always fun celebrating festivals in India. Glad you enjoyed yourself despite being under the weather. Get well soon and have an awesome time for janmaashtami. Paneer kadai looks delicious and thanks for sending it to my event.

    Small request, could you please add the link to my announcement page.