Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Kaju Katli/Indian Cashew Fudge/ How to make Kaju Barfi/Kaaju Katli/ Navaratri Special/ Diwali Sweets

Kaju Katli/Indian Cashew Fudge/
How to make Kaju Barfi/Kaaju Katli/
Navaratri Special/
Diwali Sweets
Hi Friends,
Today I am here with a recipe which i wanted to try since long but never got courage to try my hands on it as it asks for sugar syrup (one of my biggest fears). This is my daughter's favorite sweet. I wanted to surprise her too. So after gathering courage and being ready for a failure i started and end up with a delicious and  smooth fudge. I was always afraid that how i will know the exact consistency as i have a phobia of making sugar syrup with thread consistency. I saw video of nishamadhulika and then got some confidence.
I cant tell how how much happy i was. I was on cloud nine and eagerly waiting for my daughter to come and taste and give me review. When she saw the sweet she did not asked me anything and ate 2-3 pieces and when i told here that i have made this she said-wooow mamma. it is delicious. I have no words to explain the feeling. So i am moving forward without making any further 

Kaaju- 1 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup
Water-1/4 cup

Other Essentials
Foil paper
Silver Leaves (optional)

take your ingredients

other essentials

take cashews in a grinder

make a find powder

for more assurance and batter results
you can sieve it if you feel some small particles are there

Now take sugar in a heavy bottom vessel 

add water and start heating

within few minutes it will become a sugar syrup of one thread consistency

now add grounded cashew powder

mix properly and keep stirring

and stirring

within few minutes it will start leaving sides

see this is the consistency

now take a small portion in a plate and cool it down and roll between the fingers, if you will be able to make a ball then its ready

grease a plate with ghee

take it out in the plate

keep stirring with spoon to cool it down

start kneading when its bearable hot

see how much oil is there

keep on kneading for few minutes

and it is done now

take a foil paper and grease it with ghee

place your dough ball on it

place another foil sheet on it 
& roll it with rolling pin

see its done

now here comes scale

place it on it and make a cut mark with knife 
(i have use pizza cutter here, very convenient )

marking done

Now start cutting from other side

all done

                 now carefully open a silver leaf 

carefully apply it on barfi

see how beautiful now its looking

arrange to serve

i kept some plain

made few with round, square shape and a roll too


  1.  If you like sweet with more sweeter side use 3/4 cup of sugar instead of 1/2 cup.
  2. If you wish you can leave silver leaf and keep it plain.
  3. You can use butter paper instead of foil paper while rolling it.
  4. You can make any shape like square round etc as per you wish. 
  5. It will remain fresh for few weeks if kept in airtight container in fridge.