Friday, 31 August 2012

Chatpati Arbi/Spicy Colocasia

Masaledaar Arbi/Spicy Colocasia

Hi Friends, 
Today I am here with a recipe which i learned myself. I was a big hater of this root veggie. Once one of my friend brought dish in the office. And in the impression of potato i ate it and asked her for recipe. When she started explaining i got shocked that i have eaten something i hate. Then she explained the recipe. Actually i saw my mother and sister pealing and cutting them, there is so much sticky fiber in it. Once i tried to peal and cut it and got so much irritating itching on my hands. My hands got red. That day onward i started hating it. Even mu mom and sis told me that we need to apply mustered oil on hands before peeling and cutting colocasia. But those suggestions never changed my mind. So that thing made me stay away from this delicacy. i always remember those beautiful memories attached with this sticky root veggie.
Even now if its not fried and cooked after boilin then i just ignore it. People boil it and then fry it, but i just peal and cut and fry straight away. When i starts frying i start making roti/rice on other hand. And by the time frying is done. My accompaniment is also ready and then only 5 min for cooking and serving. I have seen my husband and kids enjoying it. Actually my son always had it in the impression of potato fry. But i don't mind that. So try it, may be some hater like me starts loving it.

Prep Time - 10 min
Frying Time - 10 min
Cooking Time- 5 min
Arbi                 - 1 kg
Tomato            - 2 medium
Onion              -  2 medium
Ginger             - 1 inch piece
Garlic              - 5-6 pods
Cumin Seeds   - 1 tsp
Amchoor Pdr - 1 tsp
Coriander pdr - 1 tsp

Take your ingredients

Now apply mustered oil on your hands 
peal and cut arbi
chop onion tomato ginger garlic also

Heat mustered Oil in a pan

Fry Arbi 

All fried

Now take 1 tbsp oil in a pan

Add cumin and coriander seeds, splutter them 

Add onion and garlic

Throw onion and tomato

Mix well and cook for few seconds

Add fried arbi

Add salt and give a stir

Mix in rest of the spices

Mix well, cover and cook for 2 min

Uncover stir well



Serve with Roti/Chapati/Pulav/Rice/Naan

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  1. After cooking i realized i forgot to add amchoor pdr (that's why its not present in ingredients pic, so added it at the end and mentioned in the recipe.
  2. Even you can make it without onion and tomato, or use one o them.
  3. I have heard that for Arbi/colcasia mustered oil is best, so i used it, but you can use vegetable oil we use for daily cooking.
  4. For tangy taste you if you don't have amchoor pdr just squeeze a lemon on it.  
  5. You can add  more red chilly and chat masala if you want it more spicy.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Rescuer in Kitchen-1

My Rescuer in Kitchen-1

Hi Friends,
Every woman have some secrets. No No don't go other way. I am talking about kitchen secrets. Its very difficult for a Working woman to handle two most important places in her life. One home and other is office. They lack of time so much, There are times when you reach home late evening and when you entre in the home some guests are smiling at you. I have faced such situation so many times. I know how it feels that time.  Today I wanted to share some of tips with you. After using these tips my life is more relaxed. It is useful for not only working woman but also for homemakers who got sudden calls of arriving guests. Or simply it is very useful in daily routine. These are my own tips, not copied from anyone. So feel free to use them or just ignore. I will be more then happy if you find them useful. Please let me know if these tips are helpful for you. Feel free to give me your tips.

I will post here only few ingredients. Wait for my next post for more tips.

My Rescuer Ingredients:-

1. Sprouts :- Very healthy and helpful ingredient in any  pantry. I usually make sprouts with two legumes, with black chana, green moong Daal. After sprouting them I store them in airtight container and put in fridge (not freezer). 
I make moong daal and when it is about to finish i soak chana daal  make sprouts. This way they are always in my reach. 
Moong Daal Sprouts- They are very quick to cook. Sometimes i just crush them and mix with boiled potato and make tikkies for chat/burgers, steam for 5 min, add your favorite masala and chat/salad is ready, or just temper with cumin seeds, onion tomato and side dish is ready within 15 min . So ideas are endless. Add anything in it. It will never disappoint you.
Durability- They remain fresh for 3-4 days if kept in airtight container in fridge.


Chana Daal Sprouts- Flooded with nutrition these sprouts are so so healthy. After Sprouting them you can keep them in hot boiled water for 3-4 hours and then drain them and after removing all water store them in airtight container. Make chat, side dish, crush a bit,mix boiled potato and form tikkies. So healthy and nutritive. isn't it. 
Durability- If keeping them without soaking in boiled water then shelf life is long(3-4 days). After soaking in hot water use within 2 days.


2. Soya Chunks:- My favorite chunks, a very good source of protein. They are so handy that i can't tell you. My kids love them so i make them very often. But if sudently some guests arrive and you need something to cook Use these chunks to make side dish or main dish. It will hardly take 15-20 min as after soaking in hot water for few minutes you need hardly 5-10 min to cook them. They are always have their own space in my kitchen.You can make pulav, side dish, pulse them and make tikkies with them. Check my recipe.


  1. I know eating fresh stuff is always healthy. but as working women i need always something handy for sudden situations. So i started storing them. Just ignore if you don't feel healthy.
  2. After keeping black chana sprouts in hot water, shelf life become less. So use them as soon as possible. Inspite of boiling them i use this method to lessen my cooking time. Its really useful for me. Ignore if you don't like.
  3. After keeping the black chana in hot water don't throw that water, use for making dough or gravies. 


Tiranga Idli

Tiranga Idli/Tricolor Idli

Hi Friends, 
Who don't know about Idli. Everybody know how to make it. Its not only south Indians who enjoy this healthy steamed delicacy but whole north Indian have this as breakfast, lunch or dinner. But we all need a change. Right. So i always try to keep on changing the basic recipes. Its not a recipe actually its a method to modify idli's taste and don't worry about the texture It will remain same. Actually i made it especially for my two new blogger friends  Vigsha and Jagruti Independence Day event. So dear friend this post is dedicated to my Country INDIA and Vigsha and Jagruti. I added green chatni for Green colour in idli and trust me it while i took my first bite, i was amazed with the taste. Even my kids kept on saying mammy green in my tiffin and orange in my tiffin. It was really fun. So please try it and enjoy with your family.

Idli Batter - 3 cups
Red Tomato Sauce - 1 tbsp
Green Chatni/Sauce - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1 tbsp chopped (optional)
Salt - as per your taste (only to add in white idli)

Gather Your ingredients

Divide your batter in three portions

Add tomato sauce in one portion and green chatni in second

Grease your idli mold and pour your batter in it

Within 8-10 min TIRANGA IDLI is Ready


Kids Tiffin
(i always keep a tomato sauce pouch with them)

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  1. I made them especially for Independence day event so i used these two colors. You try your favourite sauce/chatni and see the difference.
  2. If you are serving them with some accompaniment  then no need to add salt and onion.
  3. You you are serving it alone with tea/coffee then add salt in white idli only as sauce and green chatni already had that.
  4. I normally add onion in idli batter. You can skip it.