Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sugarless Butter/Oil less Date Cake

Sugarless Butter/oil less Date Cake
Hi Friends,
People are health conscious now. I am one of them (if my hubby would be reading this then he must be laughing). I am always in search of something healthy. I am a die hard fan of sweets and desserts. I can't stop eating them so always try to find something sweet and healthy. So tried this date cake with banana, which came out so soft, fluffy and nicely sweet. My family and me devoured it without guilt. It would be a very good option for diet conscious and diabetic patients. You can enjoy it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frost it with buttercream. Either way it is just perfect to give it a try and have a guilt free dessert.

Wheat Flour - 1.5 cups
Banana (ripe)-1
Honey-2 tbsp
Cocoa - 2 tsp
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Baking Soda-1/2 tsp

Take your ingredients

Take soaked dates in the grinder along with the milk

make a smooth paste

Now chop your banana and add in it

Whiz it again and take out in a bowl

Add honey

and mix well

Now sift flour, cocoa, baking pdr and baking soda

Mix sifted dry ingredients with banana dates mix

add one tsp milk at a time if you find it dry

Tip in the baking pan
(you can grease and dust the pan, i foiled the pan)

Bake for 25 min

Take out and cool it completely

Dust with icing sugar or decorate as per your wish

Mark the squares
(don't be impatient like me)





  1. You can make this cake without banana and cocoa also.
  2. Add cinnamon for flavor.
  3. You can decorate it as per your wish.



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Siknghade ke atay ki Barfi/ Waterchestnut Flour Fudge/ Navaratri Special/ Vrat Recipes

Siknghade ke atay ki Barfi/
Waterchestnut Flour Fudge/
Navaratri Special/
Vrat  Recipes
Hi Friends,
Days are small now, by the time i step out of the office it seems like midnight. Now sunshine is a rare sight. People have started taking out there woolen. Cozy nights and a hot pot meal and warn fudge as dessert. So howz the idea. Few days back this idea struck my mind and by the time family was finishing their lunch i made this katlis/fudge as dessert. I never tried any fudge earlier, but i always wanted to make nice shaped fudge, katlis and ladoos. 

So when i saw these katlis on i immediately decided to make them. It is a excellent fudge for beginners like me. I made them within 20 min. Hardly 3-4 ingredients are required and you will jump with joy to see the outcome. Now this katlis opened the doors for me for more experiments. Hope you will like it.

Singhada atta-1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee- 2 tsp

Grab your ingredients

Grease a plate and keep it ready

Heat ghee in a pan or kadai

Add flour and roast it

keep stirring

within 5 min it will change its color

Add 2 cups water

boil it 

After 5-7 min it will start leaving the sides

Keep on stirring for more 5 min

Now its ready to spread

Tip in the greased plate

Level it and let it cool a bit

Mark the squares or any shape and let it cool completely
(i prefer bit warm)

Take out the squares

Sending this to Milk SweetsNavarathri 2012 event

  1. You can add bit of cardamom powder in it for some flavor.
  2. Add any of your favorite nuts, dry fruits.



Monday, 29 October 2012

Oats Cornflakes Snack Bar

Oats Cornflakes Snack Bar
Hi Friends,
Hope you all are refreshed and ready to face a busy week ahead. Winters are arrived and so the smoking hot aroma of popcorn, peanuts,coffee etc. filled the houses and streets. Now now and then you can see people enjoying tea/coffee. So we also need some snacks to munch upon to accompany these piping hot beverages. So few days back i made these bars which came out so delicious. Colour of these bars were so inviting that my hubby first refused to   take it but when i kept these bars in a box near him, he saw and started eating it and finished within seconds, he said its delicious but bit too sweet. So i have decreased the amount of condense milk in the recipe.
These bars are so flexible , easy to make and need few ingredients. I lived the idea to add chunks of cherry in it. It will give add color in bar and give you sweet and juicy taste. These are not so perfect shape bars, but don't worry about shapes. These are so yummy that nobody will care about its shape. 

Oats-1.5 cups
Cornflakes- 2 tbsp
Condense Milk-3 tbsp
Cherry- 1 tbsp chopped
Any dry fruit - 1 tbsp

Grab your ingredients

Heat condense milk in a pan 
(only heat not boil)

Take it off the heat and add oats,cornflakes

chopped cherry and dry fruits

Mix everything very well

Tip it in a greased baking pan
(i will suggest you at this stage, mark it in the shape of bars)

Bake for 10 min or until brown in color

Cut in shapes
(mine was not in shape)


  1. You can add or omit any ingredient like you can make this with only cornflakes or oats.
  2. Add any dry fruit like cashew, raisins etc.
  3. You can increase or decrease the amount of condense milk according to your sweet tooth taste.