Thursday, 11 October 2012

Poha, Moongfali Peda/ Peanut and Beaten Rice Roundals

 Poha Moongfali Peda/
Peanut and Beaten Rice Roundels 

Hi Friends,
I hope you people enjoyed my Roundup of my First Event and Giveaway. I am very happy with the response. Today i am here with the a recipe which i tried first time and it came out good, it was so easy and so quick to make. Even my kids frequested me to let them make these pedas but instead of pedas they made round ladoos with it (see at end of the recipe). They enjoyed it very much and after making them, went straight to the drawing room where everybody was busy in watching T.V, both shouted "see we have made ladoo" all were so delighted. These are quick, flexible and healthy pedas. You can also shape them in ladoos, but i preferred this shape as i feel they taste more like pedas rather then ladoos. Don't worry about shape it will taste great in any shape.Try it and let me know.

Preparation time- 2-3 min
Cooking Time- 7-8 min
Poha/Beaten Rice- 1 cup
Peanuts - 1/2 cup
Jeggary - 1/2 cup (break in pieces)

Gather your ingredients

dry roast peanuts 
heat a pan and add peanuts, stir in between

by the time peanuts are roasting 
take poha in colander and run water on it 

take out and squeeze out the water

cool roasted peanuts  

remove skin

take poha in a grinder

add jeggary


grinder it for smooth dough (i like grainy texture so grinded less)

take out the dough and shape them in peda  
decorate with almonds

they were soo tastyyyy

Ladoos made and decorated by my kids


  1. You can increase or decrease any ingredients according to your liking, for me everything was perfect.
  2. You can grind it for few more seconds for smooth dough, but when i tasted the grainy dough  i liked it very much and proceed to make pedas.
  3. I really don't know weather i can use sugar instead of jeggary or not, please let me know if you try this combo.
  4. You can add dry fruits in it for more healthier version.




  1. Hi pari,First time to your wonderful space...Love your recipes...Happy to follow you..:)Will be glad if you follow back...

    1. Thanks dear, will be glad to follow you back

  2. First of, this is just great stuff. Thank you for sharing this valuable experience.
    karwa chauth