Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Celebrating Kids Birthday with Trifle/ Trifle with Custard and Strawberry Coulis/ Trifle

Celebrating Kids Birthday with Trifle/
Trifle with Custard and Strawberry Coulis/
Hi Friends,
Today is my Kids birthday and i have prepared this very easy but yummy trifle to enjoy the occasion. This time I am not baking cake cause lack of time. I will order a cake to celebrate but wanted to make something simple and easy for them. So chose trifle is are really forgiving. You add or omit anything as per your taste and they will give you same joy while you serve and ate them. Trifle comes in that category. I already had a custard trifle in my blog. Now you try this one and i am sure you will fall in love with this one. It has a combo of Vanilla Custard and Strawberry Coulis with juicy fruits and crunchy nuts. 
You can prepare this Trifle for parties. Just prepare everything before night and dump in the fridge. It will take hardly 10 minutes to assemble them. Its a crowd please also. You can also arrange a buffet so that anybody can choose their won combos. Great Idea, Right?? Play with your imagination and choose between your favorite Sauces/coulis, fruits and nuts or whatever float on your boat. So friends whenever you plan a party try this, everybody will love it. 


Custard Powder- 1 tbsp
Milk- 2 glasses
Sugar - half cup or more
Fruits of your choice - 2-3 tbsp chopped ( i used red+green grapes+strawberry)
Some dry fruits - chopped or crushed - 1 tbsp (i used almond +walnuts)
strawberry coulis- 2-3 tbsp see recipe here

Take all your ingredients

i have chopped my grapes

i also used some chopped dry fruits

Take out few tbsp of milk in a bowl 

Now add sugar and rest of the milk in a pan

Boil it

add custard powder in milk which is kept separate

Mix it well

 when milk start boiling add above mixture in it

it will start thickening, 

keep stirring till you get the desired consistency

it will thicken more when cooled 

            see after cooling its more thick
                        Custard is ready

Now gather your all ingredients

Take a glass

add few spoon custard

then grapes

strawberry coulis

see the vibrant colors

some more fruits

some more 

some more custard and chopped nuts

Its ready to serve

  1. Trifle are always forgiving so you can omit or add anything as per you taste. Like skip custard and make it with strawberry coulis or vice verse.
  2. Dry fruits will give a nice crunch to it so don't skip them. 
  3. You can make them one day ahead of any party or even prepare everything and assemble just before the party and you are ready to rock.
Hope you will like it

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Beetroot Mayonnaise Sandwich/ Beetroot Sandwich/ Healthy Sandwich/ Healthy Breakfast/ Healthy Snacks/ Kids Special

Beetroot Mayonnaise Sandwich/
Beetroot Sandwich/
Healthy Sandwich/
Healthy Breakfast/
Healthy Snacks/
Kids Special 
Hi Friends,
Sometimes you are so lazy or unwell that you want something quick and easy. But when it comes to kids lunch box you are supposed to be more cautious to choose menu which should be quick and healthy. Last night i was having some beets which i wanted to finish off soon. Then again by co incidence i bought a jar of different flavors of mayonnaise. Third co incidence was that by daughter asked to pack sandwich in the lunch box and all three co incidences turned out in a very healthy sandwich. Only drawback was that when i sent my brother for bread then only last packet of white bread was available. So went ahead with that. So if you want to more healthy then use brown or multigrain bread. 
It was so quick, easy and at the same time very healthy. I packed it for myself also. It was too yummy. You can not believe that it needs very few ingredients, takes hardly 10 minutes to make this sandwiches. You can make them for parties too. Prepare everything at night and assemble and serve at the time. I would i ask you to try these sandwiches as it is a great way to feed your kids beets which kids normally avoids because of its taste. So friends now to the recipe.


Bread Slices- 6 (brown/multigrain/white)
Beetroot-1 medium
Onion- 1 medium (optional but recommended)
Butter- as required (i skipped it)
Mayonnaise- 3 tbsp 

Take all your ingredients

Chop onions in small pieces

grate beets

mix both of them in a bowl

now add mayonnaise  

mix them well

take a bread slice
here you can apply butter but i avoided (see notes)

apply generous amount of beet mayonnaise mix

cover with another slice



see vibrant colour of beets

  1. Use brown bread or multi grain bread for more healthier version. The time i went to grab the bread this was the only option so i grabbed this one. 
  2. I will suggests you to avoid butter if you are packing sandwiches for lunch box specially for kids as after lunch kids drink water and greasy things like butter can cause cough. If you don't agree with me then go ahead as per your wish.
  3. You avoid onion completely. I added it for some crunch and it worth trying this combination. 
  4. You can chop beets too but i thought that kids might not like beets in chunk so grated them. You can grate onion also. 
  5. You can use any of your favorite flavored mayonnaise also. 
Hope you will like it

Friday, 21 February 2014

Eggless One Bowl Strawberry Pudding Cake/ Eggless One Bowl Strawberry Pudding Cake with Wheat Flour/ Kids Special/ Eggless Cake Pudding

Eggless One Bowl Strawberry Pudding Cake/
Eggless One Bowl Strawberry Pudding Cake with Wheat Flour/
One Bowl Strawberry Pudding/
Kids Special/
Eggless Cake Pudding

Hi Friends,
First time i have tried a pudding cake. I was not aware that it is that much easy to make it and it tastes heavenly. I made it with my own instinct. I loved every bit of it. I bought a packet of strawberries without any purpose. I thought i will make custard pudding with it. Then i realized i haven't made any cake from lat few days. Then again i changed my plan and decided to make a pudding cake. I used half strawberries to make coulis and half for the pudding. Believe me it was so yum. My kids liked it very much. They loved both things very much. I will say you to try it at least once. 
You can make it with other fruits also. I would love to try it with fruits with vibrant colors like kiwi, orange etc. Please let me know if you have tried it with any other fruit. You can make your own combo of pudding and coulis . Strawberry pudding can go well with chocolate and strawberry coulis also. So make your own combos and enjoy every bit of it.


Wheat/Chapati Flour- 1 cup
Sugar- 2 tbsp
Oil-2 tbsp
Milk-as required (approx 1 cup)
Baking Soda-1 tsp
Strawberries- 10-12 or more
Strawberry Coulis - see recipe here

Take all your ingredients

and beautiful strawberries

clean and wash them

chop them in small size 
(long, round or tit bit as per your wish)

keep a baking pan ready by greasing and dusting 

spread your chopped strawberries at the bottom

Now take a bowl and add oil in it

throw in sugar

mix it, no need to dissolve sugar 

add milk 

Mix well

Now take flour in a sieve

take baking powder

add in the flour

sieve directly in the bowl

mix it well
add more milk if needed to adjust the consistancy

Batter ready

Pour on the strawberries

spread some tiny chopped strawberries if you like

baked for 20 minutes

Aroma was heavenly

test by inserting a toothpic at the center

clean and clear

See the texture

It was so airy and spongy pudding cake

served it with strawberry coulis 

Soooo yummmmmmmmmm

Sending this to

  1. You can use All purpose flour or multigrain flour as per your wish. But using chapati /wheat flour is absolutely fine here. Pudding cake was spongy and very airy.
  2. You can use butter instead of oil here.
  3. You can try this cake with any other fruit like kiwi/apple/mango etc. I am definitely going to try it with other fruits.
  4. You can serve it with any of your favorite sauce/caulis. Strawberry pudding cake can go well with chocolate sauce also. So you can try other combo also. 
Hope you will like it