Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Choco Lava Cake with Multi Grain Flour/ Multi Grain Choco Lava Cake

Choco Lava Cake with Multi Grain Flour/
Multi Grain Choco Lava Cake
Hi Friends,
Winters are bidding goodbye but some surprise visits are often these days. As sometimes rain gives a pleasant surprise pushing us again in the thick blankets. So on these kind of evenings are an invitation to something piping hot delights. I wanted to bake a chocolate cake first but its very regular in my house so thought to try Choco Lava cake. I used multi grain flour for this which we use for chapati. Cake was dense but so yum. Oozing out Melted chocolate made it more tempting. Everyone liked it at home. Kids asked to spare few pieces for their lunch box also. I made it multigrain flour but you can make it with regular cake flour and can use butter instead of vegetable oil. Hope you will try it as we did.

This recipe is not as elaborated as i usually do. Please ask me if any questions arise regarding the recipe.


Wheat Flour- 1 cup 
Baking Soda- 1 tsp
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Chocolate Powder- 2 tbsp
Curd-3/4 cups
Oil-1/2 cup
Sugar-3/4 cup
Hot water- as required
Chocolate Pieces- 1 big piece (or as per your vessel)

Take all your ingredients

Mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately 
then mix them both

Add hot water to adjust the consistency

batter would be bit lumpy

throw in half batter in prepared cake pan

Place a big chocolate pieces in it

cover with rest of the batter

I studded some almonds on top
and baked for 45 minutes


Cut it
Hot CHOCOLATE LAVA is oozing out


  1. You can use all purpose flour/maida instead of wheat flour for more spongy cake. Most of the time use multi flour for cakes.
  2. You can use butter instead of vegetable oil/olive.
  3. You can use coco powder instead of chocolate powder.
  4. You can add melted chocolate in the batter itself for more chocolaty taste. You can add more or less according to your taste. 
  5. Batter would be lumpy not runny. So don't panic.
Hope you will like it


  1. Chocolate lava cake looks simply delicious and mouthwatering.

  2. Choco lava is my all time favourite! I always prefer eating it whenever I go out in such types of restaurants; but now I can prepare it at home..All thanks to you!
    send chocolates to Kolkata.