Thursday, 20 February 2014

Instant Strawberries spread/ Quick strawberries Jam/ Strawberries Caulis

Instant Strawberry spread/
Quick strawberry Jam/
Strawberries Coulis
Hi Friends,
You can call it anything. As its similar to all these things like jam/caulis/spread. Its a instant accompaniment to jazz up your simple roti, bread or some cake or pudding. If you or your kid are a strawberry fan then you will love it. Red color of this spread looks awesome and adds color to a simple boring dish. Like i got bored to give my kids same chapati roll smeared with tomato sauce and potato or any other veggie. 

When i made this my son saw the color and said mammy color is very yummy :) . I have seen this caulis recipe in so many blogs and wanted to try it. I tried it with my own instinct and result was awesome. Its a very good option to your regular mix/pinapple jam /orange marmalade. I put this as chapati roll in my kids box to have it after lunch as sweet. I made a small chapati to make roll. You can pack them as wrap also to have it in lunch. So choice is yours. 


Strawberries-10 big or 1 cup chopped
Sugar- 1 tbsp
Lemon Juice- 1 tsp optional see notes

Take some red juicy strawberries

clean and wash them properly

Now all you need is chopped strawberries + sugar

add sugar in chopped strawberries

mix them well and cover and leave for 5 minutes

after 5-7 minutes see how they leached out juice

now put them in a pan and start heating

it will start boiling

let it boil on medium heat

and boil

see now its thickening

almost done

It will become more thick after cooling down



 I had it with strawberry pudding cake (recipe soon)
combo was heavenly

or use it as spread on bread/roti

i made this chapati roll for kids breakfast


  1. For more faster method make puree of strawberries and proceed with the method. But i like it bit chunky with some strawberry tit bits so chopped them in small size. So choice is totally  up to you.
  2. You can let the strawberries marinate for 5 to 15 minutes or even in hurry you can skip this. So this step is optional but highly recommended.
  3. You can adjust the sweetness of this coulis/jam/spread according to your liking.
  4. Add more sugar if strawberries are sour and you want to hide that taste.
  5. If you want sour taste and strawberries are sweet not tart then add 1 tsp lemon juice after it cools down.
Hope you will like it


  1. wow home made strawberry spread looks yummy :) very well explained dear !!

  2. Lovely and delicious looking spread. Not only me also my little one would love to have it.