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Ajwain Triangle Parantha/ Ajwain Parantha/ Flat Bread with Carom Seeds

Ajwain Triangle Parantha/
Ajwain Parantha/
Flat Bread with Carom Seeds

Hi Friends,
Who don't like piping hot paranthas. Paranthas are always welcome and a unavoidable breakfast in Northern Indian families. Stuffed paranthas are a real treat on bone chilling mornings. But sometimes putting efforts to make stuffed paranthas take back gear so this kind of ajwain paranthas comes for the rescue. You can make this parantha on a busy morning and relish with anything you like. This is so easy and takes very less time to make. A big hit in my house as i can make them any day. 

You can make them with ghee or butter or even with vegetable oil. I make paranthas for me and my mother with vegetable oil as it has less calories then ghee (clarified butter). You can make them in round or square shapes also. But this shape in bit different and kids enjoy it a lot. So i prefer making them triangle. Ajwain/carom seeds are also good for health specially in winters so it plays duel role to flavor the parantha with medicinal touch to our health. So friends make it and enjoy winter mornings.


Dough- as needed see method here
Ajwain/carom seeds- 1 tsp
Salt- as per your taste
Ghee/Vegetable oil- to fry paranthas

Take all your ingredients

some flour for dusting 

Mix salt and carom seeds

now pinch out a big dough ball

make a ball

flatten it a bit with hands (optional)

dust with flour

  now place on the surface

roll it 

apply ghee/oil on it

spread salt and carom seeds mix

now fold it in half moon

apply oil

one more fold

dust in flour

turn and do the same

now roll it carefully 

place on hot griddle

turn after few seconds

apply oil/ghee

 turn again and repeat the same 

apply oil/ghee

Cook from both sides

 tempting parantha is almost done

 ready to serve


I had it with some flavored milk

See the layers

enjoy it with white home made butter

hum yummyyyyyyyyyy


  1. You can use wheat flour dough or multi grain flour dough as per your choice.
  2. You can use ghee or vegetable oil for frying the parantha. Most of the time i use ghee for kids and vegetable oil for myself.
  3. Adjust salt and carom seeds as per your liking. Increase or decrease any ingredients.
Hope you will like it

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  1. Wow .. they look super yummy and perfect. Thank you for hosting this food guide.