Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Beetroot Mayonnaise Sandwich/ Beetroot Sandwich/ Healthy Sandwich/ Healthy Breakfast/ Healthy Snacks/ Kids Special

Beetroot Mayonnaise Sandwich/
Beetroot Sandwich/
Healthy Sandwich/
Healthy Breakfast/
Healthy Snacks/
Kids Special 
Hi Friends,
Sometimes you are so lazy or unwell that you want something quick and easy. But when it comes to kids lunch box you are supposed to be more cautious to choose menu which should be quick and healthy. Last night i was having some beets which i wanted to finish off soon. Then again by co incidence i bought a jar of different flavors of mayonnaise. Third co incidence was that by daughter asked to pack sandwich in the lunch box and all three co incidences turned out in a very healthy sandwich. Only drawback was that when i sent my brother for bread then only last packet of white bread was available. So went ahead with that. So if you want to more healthy then use brown or multigrain bread. 
It was so quick, easy and at the same time very healthy. I packed it for myself also. It was too yummy. You can not believe that it needs very few ingredients, takes hardly 10 minutes to make this sandwiches. You can make them for parties too. Prepare everything at night and assemble and serve at the time. I would i ask you to try these sandwiches as it is a great way to feed your kids beets which kids normally avoids because of its taste. So friends now to the recipe.


Bread Slices- 6 (brown/multigrain/white)
Beetroot-1 medium
Onion- 1 medium (optional but recommended)
Butter- as required (i skipped it)
Mayonnaise- 3 tbsp 

Take all your ingredients

Chop onions in small pieces

grate beets

mix both of them in a bowl

now add mayonnaise  

mix them well

take a bread slice
here you can apply butter but i avoided (see notes)

apply generous amount of beet mayonnaise mix

cover with another slice



see vibrant colour of beets

  1. Use brown bread or multi grain bread for more healthier version. The time i went to grab the bread this was the only option so i grabbed this one. 
  2. I will suggests you to avoid butter if you are packing sandwiches for lunch box specially for kids as after lunch kids drink water and greasy things like butter can cause cough. If you don't agree with me then go ahead as per your wish.
  3. You avoid onion completely. I added it for some crunch and it worth trying this combination. 
  4. You can chop beets too but i thought that kids might not like beets in chunk so grated them. You can grate onion also. 
  5. You can use any of your favorite flavored mayonnaise also. 
Hope you will like it


  1. wow very quick to make and delicious filling for sandwich :) looks super yumm !!

  2. Simply awesome and colorful looking sandwich. Wonderfully clicked pictures as well.