Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Barfi with Condense Milk and Drinking Chocolate Powder/ Milkmaid-Condense Milk Barfi/ Indian Sweets

Barfi with Condense Milk and Drinking Chocolate Powder/
Milkmaid-Condense Milk Barfi/
Indian Sweets
Hi Friends,
I know i am very irregular these days. But you know its not like i don't get time to cook. Its all just about willingness to stay from  everything but i hope i will come again on track soon. 
I want to try most of the Indian Sweets like barfi, ladoo at home. But these both things require some practice to get the right consistency of roasting and quantity of ingredients, consistency of sugar syrup and lot of things, but once you get the idea, then making these sweets are a breeze. I haven't got that perfection yet so always search for a easy recipe. I was having a milkmaid tin laying on my shelf. After searching so many sites for a easy recipe i bookmarked a coco barfi which required hardly any ingredients. But coco powder was not in my stock so i used drinking chocolate powder. It came out good. It is sweet with sweeter side so if you are not a big fan of too much sweet then use coco powder of dark chocolate powder to adjust the sweetness. Else it hardly need any kind of perfection or require any skill to make that. So go ahead and try it. 

Milkmaid/Condense Milk- 1 cup
Coco Powder/Drinking Chocolate Powder- 1 tbsp
Almonds- 1 tbsp
Ghee- 2 tsp melted

Take all your ingredients

Melt ghee in a pan

add condense milk/milkmaid

mix them well and 

it will start thickening

keep it stirring contentiously else it will burn easily

keep an eye on thickness
see its thick enough

add chocolate/coco powder

mix well and keep stirring

add chopped almonds

its done

pour it in greased tray

After fully setting

mark lines

as per your preferred size

ready to serve
don't be impatient like me, let it set completely
  1. You use more coco powder or drinking chocolate powder for more chocolaty flavor.
  2. It will be bit sticky but don't worry you will love it that way. 
  3. Keep it stirring in all the process else it will burn easily.
  4. You can add any of the dry fruit you like.
  5. You can make it without ghee also but ghee will give a shiny texture and nice aroma to this burfi.
  6. Before cutting pieces let it set completely for few hours.
Hope you will like it


  1. wow fantastic burfi with condensed milk :) very tempting one !!

  2. I wish I too could prepare such mouthwatering burfis. Thanks a lot for teaching us step by step recipe.