Monday, 25 November 2013

Tul-Gud ka Parnatha/ Jeggary Sesame Seed Flatbread/ Kids Special/ Winters Special

Tul-Gud ka Parnatha/
Jeggary Sesame Seed Flatbread/
Kids Special/
Winters Special
Hi Friends,
One more winter special delicacy in the row. I make it often but the difference is earlier i did not added sesame seeds in it. Now it would be a regular in my menu. In winters i make chapati/roti for dinner adn at the end make sweet parantha with sugar to have it like sweet after meal. Adding sesame seeds in it made a great change in the taste and it become my favorite. I made two pranthas and believe me the filling which left over i used to have it as side dish ( i know its crazy). I spread in on parantha and ate it. Hmmmm heaven. Piping hot parantah filled with dripping and melted jaggery. 
If you have a sweet tooth or loves jeggary or paranthas then i will recommend you to try it once. I know you will not stop at one. Kids will love it and its a great way to feed your kids with iron rich jaggery and sesame seeds. You can put in there lunch box also as whole or a small one to have it after lunch. I like to have it as it is with a cup of coffee. Try it guys you will love it.

Time to Prepare- 10 minutes
Time to cook-10-12 minutes for 3 paranthas
Makes- 3 medium paranthas

Jeggary- 1 tbsp
Sesame Seeds- 3/4 tbsp
Wheat flour dough- see method here
Ghee- to make paranthas

Take all your ingredients

mash jaggery and sesame seeds with back of spoon

all mashed

now take a big ball size dough 

flatten it a bit with your hands
its optional

roll the dought in palm size
center should be thick and sides should be thin

put a small amount of filling in it

spread it a bit

now start folding the sides

fold from both sides and apply some ghee

now fodd from rest of the sides 

dust with flour

smoothly roll in a flat but not so thin parantha

if you feel the filling is coming out then again dust with flour

roll a bit

Heat a tawa
i used my iron skillet

Put your parantha on it

smear some ghee on both sides and 

cook on slow flame


Ready to serve

 see piping hot jaggery and sesame seeds oozing out


  1. You can mix till-gud in a mixer for smooth filling.
  2. Roll the ball size dough thick from center and thin from outer side. This way while rolling out parantha will not tear up. 
  3. Roll parantha very gently so that filling should not come out or it should not tear. 
  4. Cook parantha on low flame so that If some filling comes out it would not burn but tastes more gooey.
  5. Recommend to serve warm.



Saturday, 23 November 2013

Till Chikki/ Sesame Chikki/ Within 15 Minutes

Till Chikki/
Sesame Chikki/
Within 15 Minutes
Hi Friends,
Winters are here and foodie like me got the reason to divulge in winter delicacies like chikki, ladoo, pop corn etc.  Last time i made peanuts chikki and this time i wanted to try my hands on till/sesame chikki. Its so easy and quick. You need to be bit tricky and fast and once you know the exact method its so quick to make that you can make it for unexpected guests, kids parties, get to gathers or just to satisfied your sweet tooth. I made it yesterday night and it was ready within 15 minutes. I put one piece in kids lunch box also and few in mine. Earlier i use to think that all these golden color chikkies are make of jeggary. But one day while i was busy in gulping chikkies one by one, my brother asked me to don't take too much i said its healthy as it has jeggary and peanuts/sesame seeds etc. Then he told me that this is made of sugar not with jeggary, i was surprised that how white sugar turned in deep golden color. Now as i am in blogging world which will encourage you to try all the stuff available in the market in fancy boxes to make and enjoy it more healthier home made way. So i try my stuff and enjoy it. I will try jaggary version later. Till then you enjoy this chikki.

Sesame Seeds- 1/2 cup
Sugar-1/2 cup

Take all your ingredients

Take a foil sheet and greased rolling pin ready

Dry roast till/sesame seeds in a pan

when they will puff and become crispy


Now heat sugar in dry pan

it will start melting

slowly turning in golden beauty

almost done

All golden and beautiful
now work quickly

mix roasted till.sesame seeds

pour on foil sheet

roll as thin you like 
some like thick and some like thin so roll accordingly

mark cuts with greased knife
and let it cool down completely
i kept it in fridge for 5 minutes

now break in pieces

It was so crunchy and yummy


  1. Keep everything ready before starting the process.
  2. You are suppose to work quickly and keep an eye while making caramel, mixing seeds and spreading the mix.
  3. Mark the lines if you want perfect square as soon as you level the chikki, it wont be possible to mark lines after cooling. 
  4. You can add any of your dry fruits nuts seeds in it to make it more healthy and tasty.
Hope you will like it


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Apple Halwa/ Seb ka Halwa/ Diwali Sweet Recipes/ Kids Delight

Apple Halwa/
Seb ka Halwa/
Diwali Sweet Recipes/
Kids Delight
Hi Friends,
Apple Halwa the word says so much. I know most of you especially with sweet tooth starting drooling already. It tastes different. I love its shiny dark color which will tempt you to eat it immediately after preparing. Pictures may be not justifying. It was tempting, unfortunately quantity was less. So i enjoyed it with my daughter. This is bit tricky to make this halwa as if you cook it for long it will become jam like consistency. So before it gets sticky you have to remove it from fire and enjoy hot. You can make and enjoy it on any occasion.

Apple - 3 medium
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Cardamom- 2-3
Ghee- 2-3 tsp
Dry fruits- (i used 1 tsp almonds and 1 tsp raisins)

Take all your ingredients

Peel and de core apples

grate them or you can make puree in grinder

take 2 tsp ghee in the kadai/pan

put grated/pureed apples

mix well and keep stirring

cook for more 4-5 minutes

add sugar+cardamom pdr now

mix well and stirring continuously cook more

you will see some change in the color of the halwa
Its done, remove it from fire

add dry fruits of your choice

Mix well 



  1. Don't keep apple for long time after cutting and pealing them.
  2. Increase or decrease sugar as per your choice, for me it was perfect.
  3. You need to be careful about the consistency as soon as you see the change in the color you need to switch off the gas, add dry fruits and serve. otherwise it become like jam. 
  4. Keep on stirring well as it will get burned easily.
Hope you will like it