Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Chawal ke Attay aur Makai Ke Attay Ki Roti-My Mom's Way/ Rice Flour and Cornflour Flat Bread

Chawal ke Attay aur Makai Ke Attay Ki Roti-My Mom's Way/
Rice Flour and Cornflour Flat Bread
Hi Friends,
Tradition food cant be replaced by any of the fast food in the world.  Nobody can beat the taste of the food made traditional way specially bu our mom and grand mothers. Even today i am trying to learn the method of making Makki/Rice flour chapati the way my mom use to make. I never succeeded. So i asked my mom to do this favor and requested her to make the two most famous food of PUNJAB- Makki ki roti with Sarso ka Saag. 
She agreed and made these two delicacies specially for my blog. Will post sarso ka Saag in another post. Till now enjoy Mom's handmade food.


Rice Flour/Chaawal ka Atta-2 cup
Corn Flour/Makai/Makki ka Atta- 1 Cups
Ajwain/Carom seeds- 2 tsp (optional-see notes)
Salt- optional (see notes)
Water- As Required

Take all your ingredients

Add little water at a time and start mixing

and mixing 

and mixing

within seconds she made the dough

now make a log with it

pinch out a big ball size dough

apply little water on your hands and flatten it

i never knew how to do this

see how she flaaten it with her hands withing seconds

Place it on a heated tawa
(this roti is made by my mom which vanished as soon as it cooked, other clicks are from roti made by me)

cook from both sides
be careful while turning it as its very delicate

i use to apply ghee while cooking them, you can skip this part

Cooked from both sides

Ready to serve

I Enjoyed it traditional way 
With Sarso ka saag and white butter

  1. You can adjust the ratio of flour as per your liking. I like Rice Flour more so i add 2 cups rice flour and 1 cup corn flour.
  2. You can add 1/2 tsp carom seeds for more flavorful chapati.
  3. You can also add salt in the flour but i always use to serve few roti/flat bread with loads of ghee/clarified butter and shakkar (its like jeggary flour :) don't know how to explain)
Hope you will like it

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  1. wow this must be a very delicious roti :) very interesting recipe dear !! :) wud love to finish the plate now !!