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Lacha Parantha/ Indian Layered Flat Bread

Lacha Parantha/
Indian Layered Flat Bread
Hi Friends,
I am grown up eating these paranthas of my mom's hands. I tried several times to make it my mom's way but i never succeeded. She makes it very easy and quick way but after so many trials i left trying it. Then i went to our blogging world to search for easy lacha parantha recipe. I tried quite a few methods and found this one so easy to follow. It takes very less time. If you are a beginner then be bit careful while rolling the parantha as we are not supposed to put lots of pressure, we are suppose to roll it very gently, but once you get the idea of pressure you can make it really fast. You can add slat in the dough if you want it salty. I always make it plain and have it with milk :P . My kids enjoy this by saperating layers and making spirals with them. You can have it with any kind of dry or gravy based side dish. Even you can have it with any of the Chatni/sauce etc. You can have it any way you like. 

Wheat Flour Dough- as needed see method here
Oil/ghee/Olive oil - as needed
Salt- optional

You only need dough and oil

 Some flour for dusting

Now pinch a big size of dough

Flatten it a bit and dust with flour

Roll it as thin as possible

Drizzle some oil

spread it
(if you want to add salt sprinkle it on oil)

Now start making pleats as we do for sari or to make a fan

from another angle

or you can make it from top

All done

press them a bit with gentle hands

now turn FROM ONE SIDE

and apply oil

now start rolling it from one side
in above pic we have applied oil, that side must be inside

all rolled beautifully

apply some oil on top

now start rolling carefully


Heat a tawa

place your rolled parantha

apply oil

turn and apply oil that side too

cook from both sides

almost done



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  1. You can make it salty also. You can add salt in dough itself you sprinkle salt while spreading oil/ghee on the prantha. Choice is yours. I always make it plain as we serve it with side dish which contains salt. 
  2. You can use ghee/Vegetable oil/olive oil as per your choice.
  3. While rolling parantha put very light pressure otherwise the layers will not appear.
Hope you will like it


  1. Hey Madhu...paranthas look yummy !!....BTW, I am nominating you for a Liebster award.Please collect it from my space-

  2. Excellent and lovely looking lachha paratha.