Friday, 24 August 2012

Kheer/Rich Milk and Rice Dessert

Rice Kheer/Paal Payasam/Rice Dessert

Rice Kheer a royal dessert. This is as old as Indian Mythology. In Ramayana we can read that Sage Vashsisth gave Kheer to Dasharatha's three wives to  get son. And after eating that kheer Rama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan were born. So you can understand how old histary this delicacy has. For further you can see Ramayana. It is prepared on many occasions like in month of saawan, on teej, amavasya etc. 
It is a very rich dessert. Everybody have their own way. But only  few people make this kind of brown kheer. I always wanted to make that brown color kheer. I tried many ways, but color was always white and i don't have patience to simmer it for long long hours. Then one day to lessen my work i just soaked rice in milk at night as next morning i was supposed to make a full fledged meal. Next day when i started making kheer within 25 min it got beautiful brown color and it was just so creamy. So i got my tip that day onward. Few days back i made this and very next day hubby again requested for it. So i again made it (how can i say no to him). So friends try it and impress your family with rich and creamy delicacy. 

Rice  - 2 cups
Milk - 1.5 ltr
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Dry Fruits (broken) -as per your choice

Take your ingredients

Wash and Soak rice, raisin in half ltr milk for 4-5 hrs 
as much as time you have in hand. 

Now heat a big heavy bottom vessel and add 1 tbsp ghee 

Now add remaining milk in it 

Add soaked rice, raisin and milk
 Now start boiling it give it a good boil and then simmer 

Scrap sides it will give you creamy texture

Keep Stirring in between

When kheer is 90% done add sugar and dry fruits in it



A closer look

Serve HOT or COLD

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  1. The key for this kind of brown kheer lies in simmering it for long hours, but i don't have patience and time so i found an alternative which works like magic. If you have time to simmer then simmer for 1 hour to get this consistency.
  2. Use any dry fruit you like. i used almond and raisins.
  3. Use big vessel as milk boils over and can spill.
  4. Serve it hot or cold. My hubby likes colder version so always ask me to keep two big bowls in fridge for him. I like both hot or cold.