Monday, 26 August 2013

Poha aur Nariyal ke Ladoo/Sweet Dumpling with Coconut and Jeggary

Poha aur Nariyal ke Ladoo/
Sweet Dumpling with Coconut and Jeggary
Hi Friends,
Krishan Janamashtmi is very close  now. I never knew that what is prepares specially for this day. I searched for the recipes to try my hands on it. Then i came to know that poha is one of the ingredients used to make recipes on this special day. Lord Krishna loved Poha/flatten rice a lot. I was having some poha in hand so thought to make ladoos (round & sweet dumpling) out of it and which is my son's favorite. He watch Chota Bheem cartoon in which Bheem use to eat so many ladoos and fight like a hero. My son tried to follow him and demand for ladoos every now and then. So it become a great idea to make ladoos for my Krishna my son. He is very very naughty and mischievous boy and a picky eater also. I feel so satisfied if he eat something with interest. He liked these ladoos very much. 
These ladoos are so quick, tasty and healthy. It will take hardly 10 minutes to make them. Its so easy to make that my kids helped me to make them. I am planning to make them in large quantity. Add any dry fruits or nuts in it. They are soft and melt in mouth kind of ladoos. It tastes great with or without coconut. Dry fruits will add great crunchiness in it. My family like it very much. Try it you will also love it.

Poha/Flatten rice- 1 cup
Jaggery- 1/2 cup (as desired)
Coconut-2 tbsp (chopped or grated)
Cardamom- 2-3

Gather your ingredients

Soak poha in water for 10 seconds and drain water

Put soaked poha in grinder

now coconut+jaggery+cardemom
(i have also added few cashew nuts which are purely optional)

grind them to a course mix

Take a spoonful in your hands

make round ladoo with it

All rolled

You can roll them in grated coconut
(i did only one as my kids liked them plain)

Your offering is ready 

My daughter is eager to offer them to you all
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  1. You can add any of your favorite dry fruits in it. For smooth ladoos add them while grinding and for nice crunch crush them and add after grinding all other ingredients.
  2. Don't soak poha in water for more then 10 seconds, for batter results put poha in a strainer and rinse with water twice. It will prevent from the chances of letting them mushy. for thicker variety of poha rinse thrice or more if required.
  3. You can fresh grated coconut in it but i didn't had any in hand so used store bought desiccated coconut.You can make it without coconut also.



  1. Pari, This is simply torture. I am simply drooling over here by by looking at the pics.

  2. Very very delicious and yummy looking ladoo's dear :)

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