Monday, 2 September 2013

Kaju Paneer ki Sabzi/ Kaju Wala Paneer/ Cottage Cheese and Cashew Nut Gravy

Kaju Paneer ki Sabzi/
Kaju Wala Paneer/
Cottage Cheese and Cashew Nut Gravy
Hi Friends,
Sorry for disappearing from blog every now and then. My kids, office and hubby keeps me occupied most of the time. I tried to speed up but you know SPEED THRILLS BUT KILLS :). So i gave myself time to come back on the track. I missed few festive posts but now i am going to fulfill this gap. Now to today's recipe which is one of my favorites. Today's recipe is a very rich side dish for rice/roti/biryani/naan/pulao or whatever you like to have it with. Firstly i thought to make it kaju paneer like most of the people do throwing fried cashews in the gravy or throwing paneer in kaju gravy but i wanted to make it real kaju paneer side dish. so i decided to make kaju gravy and also to add whole kaju for a great crunch while eating. One more short come which needed my attention was that most of the sides with dry fruits are at bit sweeter side which my hubby and kids don't like. So i used tomato sauce to make it bit tangy and it paired so well. At last when i tasted the dish i was amazed with the taste. It was so delicious. 
It seems that it would take lot of time to make it. as after adding any ingredients you have to cover and cook for few seconds but believe me, if you keep your ingredients ready it will take hardly 10 minutes to prepare gravy otherwise complete dish in 20-25 minutes. You can prepare things side by side like while making gravy toast paneer cubes, make kaju puree and your side dish is ready in no time. Truly speaking it took me 22 minutes to make this dish coz I pureed onion, fried cashews and started making gravy and by the time onion browned i pureed tomatoes but if you are bit slow even then it will not take more then 30 minutes. So do as per your convenience. You can make it for parties and impress your guests or enjoy it with your family. My kids and hubby enjoyed it very much. 

Paneer- 250 gm
Cashews - 3 tbsp or half cup (i used broken cashews)
Milk- 2 tbsp
Tomato puree- 2 tbsp
Onion Puree-3 tbsp
Tomato sauce/store bought Tomato Puree- 1 tbsp (optional)
Ginger Garlick paste- 2-3 tsp
Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Kasoori Methi- 1tsp
Coriander - to garnish
Garam masala- 1 tsp


2 tbsp oil in kadai

fry some half cashews 
(i dropped some almonds too)

all fried i munched some as it is and somehow stopped myself
Keep aside for later use

soak half of the cashews

take soaked kaju in a grinder

                      add milk and make puree
                       keep aside for later use

cut paneer in cubes

             heat a tawa, smear/brush it with 1 tsp                             and place cubed paneer on it

Toast from both sides

Keep aside for later use

now in the same oil crackle cumin seeds

then add onion and ginger-garlic paste

let it brown

then add tomato puree

mix well and let it cook for few seconds

spice it up with salt, garam masala, chat masala and kasoori methi, 
Mix well, cover & cook till oil separates

see oil started separating

add tomato sauce

mix and let it simmer for few seconds

add pureed cashew in it

mix well, cover and cook

now see the color

now take fried dry fruits and paneer

add in the gravy

mix well, cover and cook for few seconds


Garnish with coriander


See the color and texture of the gravy
Linking it to

  1. You can add more nuts in this gravy like raisins, almonds etc. to make it more rich.
  2. You can make it spicy by adding red or green chilly in it. i avoided it as it was for kids.
  3. You can add paneer without toasting or you can fry paneer as per your wish . 
  4. You can use water to grind the cashew/kaaju but milk is recommend it as it will give a great flavor to the gravy.




  1. Wow that's too tempting with clear cut pictures....

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  3. Beautifully done, who can resist to this wonderful sabzi.

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  6. thanks Akila, Deepa, Priya Suresh, Manjula.
    Priya R- you can have it anytime dear.

  7. That looks so rich and yum! Would be perfect with Rotis :)

  8. I like that you give your paneer some color before cooking th gravy and adding the cottage cheese to it. I had forgotten about this dish. Thanks for reminding I am looking forward to try it soon!