Monday, 23 September 2013

Peanut Masala/ Masala Moongfali/ Nut Cracker/ Peanut Snacks

Peanut Masala/
Masala Moongfali/
Nut Cracker/
Peanut Snacks
Hi Friends,
One more addition to my snacks recipes. I love Nut crackers.I always wanted to make them but never got the clue of coating masala on peanuts. Few days back i saw masala peanut recipes in few blogs which was similar to nut crackers i love. and after trying it i realised that its so easy to make them. You can make them in jiffy. It can be made for parties, get together or simply to much on a lazy evening with a cup of coffee or tea. 
I made them in the evening and they vanished before they cool completely. I escaped few of them as i am aware of my kids and hubby who finish out a packed within minutes. They were tasty, crunchy and mildly spicy. My kids and family liked it very much. I hope you will also try and enjoy them with your cuppa. 

Peanuts- 1 cup
curry patta- few leaves (optional)
Besan/chickpea flour
Chaat masala- 1 tbsp loose
Red chilly pdr- 1 tsp
Salt- as per your taste


take all spices

mix them well, i sieve them for batter mixing

now add water in peanuts 

drain water immediately

now throw these wet peanuts to mixed spices

coat spices on peanuts 
use hands for batter results
if you feel that spices are still left then you can sprinkle more water and them coat them again

Now heat oil and drop one peanut in it
take it out when it browns and leave it for few seconds to cool down if its crispy then its done.

now fry peanuts handful at a time

take them out when golden brown

all done

now take curry leaves

fry them

take out

mix with peanuts





  1. Don't keep peanuts in water for long, 5 seconds are enough, then drain and immediately coat them with spices.
  2. You can adjust spices as per your wish, add more or less chat masala/red chilly pdr etc.
  3. Fry them on low heat. They will be cooked fast so keep an eye on them.
  4. Don't over fry them otherwise they may taste bitter.
  5. You can enjoy them by adding fried dry fruits also.