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How to make Oats flour at Home

How to make Oats flour at Home
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This recipe is keeper to lesson your cooking time in jiffy. I made this flour and believe me it disappeared within three days. Whenever hunger pangs happens i mix this flour within wheat flour/sooji etc and make scrumptious dosa with it. Soon i will try idli and kozukottai (savory dumpling) with it. Its very easy to prepare. It will take hardly 10 minutes to make it and you are done. You can make so many healthy dishes for your family.

Oats- 2 cups

Take oats

Dry Roast them in a kadai/pan
keep stirring as they can get burned easily

Let them cool down completely

Now take roasted oats in a grinder

make a powder of it

sieve this

You will get fine flour

There will be coarse remained 
Put remaining again in the grinder and grind again
follow the process till there is no leftover oats

Flour is ready to use

I made this dosa with it see recipe here

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  1. If you want to use flour for dosa/cheela idli then you can use it without sieving. For idli/Bread etc it would be batter if you will use sieved flour.
  2. You can use sieved or without sieved flour as per your choice of texture of the dish you want. 
  3. Keep stirring the oats while roasting as they can get burned easily.
  4. If still there are some leftover coarse oats then keep them saperate and use them to top your while baking breads to have nice crunch



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  1. Wow. Nice way to incorporate oats in our meals. Thx for linking.