Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Eggless Black Forest Cake for Two celebrations/ My 300th Post and My hubby's Birthday

Eggless Black Forest Cake for Two celebrations/
My 300th Post
My hubby's Birthday

Hi Friends,
This is a delayed post. I was supposed to post it on Sunday but somehow delayed and i am posting it today. Actually its a time for double celebration.Firstly, This is my 300th post in my baby blog whom i nurtured with all love and affection. The time i started it i thought i can't make it longer as i was having some family issues which kept me occupied and made me depress that i won't be able to hold it longer but my reader and friends gave me strength and always encouraged me to move ahead. Result, I am here with my 300th post.
for your Great Support 
Now to second celebration, there was my hubby's birthday on Saturday and i made my first Black forest cake for him which came out so delicious. It was an outcome of lots of efforts. As usual when i came back home to make this cake there was all dark at home, no electricity, invertar not working, no match box, no candle. Depressed  i was all set to order a cake from bakery. But i decided to wait for some more time, i waited impatiently as i wanted to bake a cake for him myself :(. After some time I started preparing basic things like collecting ingredients, sieving flour etc and when light came after one hours my cake was ready to bake. i was toooo happy and as the cake was baking i prepared things for decoration and my cake was ready after one hour, just on time. I was so happy with the outcome and guess who appreciated my cake my dearest hubby dear the Birthday boy. My kids loved this cake. I was so glad to see them enjoying cake. 

For Cake 
Flour- 2 cups
Baking Soda-1 tsp
Baking powder-1tsp
Oil- 3/4 cup
Sugar- 1/2 cup
curd- 3/4 cup
Vanilla Essence- 2 tsp
Chocolate- 200gm or dairy milk 3 packet of Rs.10
Milk- 1 cup or as required

For Decoration
Whip Cream- 1.5 cup
Cherry- 1 tbsp
Chocolate shavings- as required see method here

Grab the ingredients
i have sieved flour with baking soda and powder

Melt chocolate with double boiling method

add sugar & oil and mix well

then add vanilla essence+ oil

and curd 

Mix well

Now add flour

Mix well
if you feel batter is dry then add milk to get the right consistency

batter is ready

Pour in the pan

perfectly Baked 
I baked it for 30 minutes
let it cool down completely

Now whip your cream to stiff peaks

Divide your cake in two parts
and put it on foil or butter paper 

take the first half

 apply whipped cream

spread it and stud some chopped cherries

cover with another half

apply icing on it

apply chocolate shavings at the sides of the cake

Like this

spread few on the top also

Now make some beautiful flowers with whipped cream

arrange one cherry on each flower and fill more choco shaving in the gap

Like this

 Black and white beauty is ready to indulge


i clicked from every angle :)

its for all of you

soft, creamy and melt in mouth

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Sweet Celebration


  1. You can use coco powder instead of chocolate, i want to make a real chocolaty cake so used cooking chocolate.
  2. You can use warm water instead of milk to get right consistency of batter.
  3. Before decorating i put a foil sheet under cake which was big enough to cover the sides of the cake. I did it to save my time to cleaning the mess which we get after decorating cake with chocolate shavings and cream. I decorated my cake and then removed the foil carefully. 




  1. Hi pari,

    Can we use butter instead of oil..and does it makes any difference to d taste and softness.. btw cake luks very yummy...will definitely give it a try...

    1. Hi Suriti, yes you can use butter instead of oil. It will not make any difference in softness or taste. Just go ahead without any hasitation.

  2. Hi,

    Wow this really looks yummy..
    I have two questions: did u bake this cake in pressure cooker? As I'm planning to try my first cake. Should I put the rubber gasket and whistle or not while baking cake

    You are a great inspiration to me, I keep checking ur site for any new recipe atleast once a day:)


    1. Dear Pooja,
      Yes i baked this cake in pressure cooker, you don't need whistle or rubber gasket for this. Just keep in mind that never heat empty cooker it will damage it. put salt or sand inside the cooker then place your baking pan on it. for more batter results put any stand on the sand/salt then put your baking pan on it.
      Hope your all doubts are cleared.

      Thanks for liking my site. Hope it will help you in more other ways.

  3. hello mam.
    I have one question to ask before pouring the batter in pan should I grease it first with oil/butter??
    and your recipe looks yuuummmmyyy... I am definitely going to try it...
    you are doing an amazing job....
    good luck..

    1. Dear Angelic, yes you have to grease and dust the pan before pouring batter in it as we do for other cakes.

  4. Hi. ur recipe and book are looking yummy.. i hv a query how to make icing (whipped cream) and i have a hand mixer thn hand blender. does that help

    1. Dear Anonymus,
      You can use hand mixer if you don't have hand blender but it will take more time, like may be 10-15 minutes, a good workout for hands:).

    2. That looks so delicious. Which cream did you exactly use? and for how long do I blend it? I have tried to make whipping cream many times and I miserable fail at it :(

    3. That looks so delicious. Which cream did you exactly use? and for how long do I blend it? I have tried to make whipping cream many times and I miserable fail at it :(

  5. i mean cake not book.. sorry

  6. of course you did a mrvelloys job here.hats of my dear