Friday, 20 September 2013

Chocolate Choco Chips Ice cream/ Easiest Icecream Ever/ Kids Special

Chocolate Choco Chips Ice cream/
Easiest Icecream Ever/
Kids Special
Hi Friends,
Who don't love ice creams specially when hot and shiny sun make you sweat all day and night. Since long time i was planning to make ice cream with whip cream but somehow i was not able to make it. I made this ice cream which was an experiment as i wanted to make an ice cream like we get in ice cream parlors, perfect in shape when scooped out and texture should be melt in mouth. I was bit confused that will it taste like ice cream or like we are eating icing?
 But thankfully this recipe won everyone's heart in my house. Kids licked every bit of it and husband also loved it. It was so easy that it took hardly 10 minutes to make it. 
But be careful with few things while making this with chocolate as its bit tricky to mix chocolate and cream. Chocolate should be completely cooled and cream should not be over whipped as it will be hard to handle it. Don't add hot chocolate in the cream it may split. So friends try your hands on it and relish real Ice cream parlor kind of ice cream at home. Make it for parties or enjoy with your family at any time of the day.

Whip Cream-1 cup
Icing Sugar- 1/2 cup ( i used sweetened cream so didn't used)
Chocolate-150 gm or crushed/chopped 1/2 cup
Choco Chips or chocolate shavings- 1 tbsp or more see recipe here


Melt chocolate and let it cool down completely

Now start whipping cream 


Not done

whip it more

Now its done

 Add melted and cooled chocolate

mix well

add chocolate shavings/choco chips and mix well

now cover it

freeze for 5-6 hours

After 6 hours scoop it out

Ready to serve

Garnish as you wish

I drizzled honey and topped with choco chips

                        MOUTH WATERING????

Sending it to
Sweet Celebration


  1. Don't over whip the cream. After adding chocolate just mix thoroughly and freeze.
  2. After melting and cooling chocolate i added some chocolate shaving which mixed up nicely with whip cream and i didn't required to add choco chips.
  3. You can add or less melted chocolate as per your preference.
  4. Let the chocolate cool completely before adding it to whipped cream.
  5. You can add any nuts, choco chips or even tutti fruity instead to chocolate shavings.
  6. You can garnish it with anything you prefer like chocolate sauce/honey/caramel/





  1. I definitely would like to prepare this ice cream in near future. Wonderful looking preparation.

  2. Did u say kid's special?... that's not fair it's my special and fave too...yeah may b like the kid in me's special :D ...hmmm..YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY !!! Good job dear ....nice presentation and u scooped it so well,I struggle there :)...Do u have little bit left for me by any chance :P ...if not ..I am not talking to u any more..:|...just kidding :D...btw,what's the name of Pari and Cash's mom ? ...cute names of your kid by the way :)) and hugs 2 u ..thanx a lot 4 participating in my chotu event :)..God bless !

  3. Deepa- Thanks dear

    Pra Manj- Dear I am Madhu. Sorry dear i don't have anything left as my kdis licked every bit of it. will surely make it again and invite you to splurge.

  4. sweet of u Madhu :)...ur kids licked every bit of it sunkar hi mera pett bhar gaya :)...

  5. That looks delicious! Could you please advise as to which cream should I possibly whip? The creams we get at mother dairy/ amul would do?

  6. That looks delicious! Could you please advise as to which cream should I possibly whip? The creams we get at mother dairy/ amul would do?

  7. mam can we use malai instead of cream?????????