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How to make Chocolate Shavings/ Chocolate Shavings

How to make Chocolate Shavings/
Chocolate Shavings

Hi Friends,
This is my shortest post ever as today i am veryyy busy coz today is my dearest hubby's birthday. Pictures here are self explanatory so no need to explain things. These are chocolate shavings which are very useful when you don't get anything to decorate your desserts like ice cream, cake, shakes etc. These can be made ahead and kept in fridge for 2-3 weeks so whenever you need to add a dash of chocolate in any dish just use this shaving. There are lots of ways to make these shaving like you can break them in big pieces and grind them once or twice in grinder to get granule kind of shavings or even you can make them powder form but don't grind them for long as they become melt with the heat and make a mess. So run them once or twice in the grinder and take it out immediately or you can use a peeler to get bit curly shavings But i thing this way we will get perfect shaving. Choice is yours. Make them any way it will give you same yummy chocolaty taste. 


Any cooking Chocolate(dark/milk/white) - 50gm (you can use Dairy milk )
Knife or peeler

Take a knife/peeler and a block of chocolate

hold chocolate in hand and start scraping with knife

Now decorate your cake/ice cream/dessert or whatever you want

I used it to decorate my Black Forest Cake (recipe next post)

  1. Chocolate should be firm, keep it in fridge for 10-15 minutes then proceed.
  2. You can use cooking chocolate but if its not available then use dairy milk.
  3. You can grate chocolate also but it will give you fine granule type shavings. i prefer this method.



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