Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chatpata Fruit Salad/ Fruit Salad with Chat Masala/ Fruit Chaat

 Chatpata Fruit Salad/
Fruit Salad with Chat Masala/
Fruit Chaat
Hi Friends,
Salads are always a refreshing treat when it comes to light, quick and healthy food. It can be prepared in minutes and relished without any guilt. Use any of your favorite fruit or spices in your hands to make a salad and you are done. Have it as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Salads are guilt free food which can be taken any time of the day. Simple salads are always welcome but sometimes you want to spice it up. You can choose the main ingredients and dressing as per your choice or truly speaking whatever floats on your boat. You need any fruit/veggie/nuts/seeds available with you and a dressing to pair it like lemon/ginger/honey/pepper pdr/cinnamon etc. 
This time i chose chat masala to give my salad a chatakedaar twist. My kids liked it light and me and my hubby liked it with loads of chat masala in it. Sometimes sweetness of fruits make it too sweet so to make it like chat i used chat masala with a great success. People may have used chat masala in veggie salads but believe me and try in fruits salads also. You will amazed with the outcome. It becomes great chaat or you can say Fruit Chat. All ladies there craving for a chat which is out of reach can try this to have that scrumptious sweet and sour chaat taste. Make it for parties, get together or on a lazy day with less cooking mood to prepare meal without spending much time in the kitchen. Try it any time any day you will not be disappointed. Try it guys you will love it.

Apple- 2
Papaya-1 cup peeled and chopped
Honey- 1-2 tsp (optional)
Chat Masala- 1 tsp
Lemon- 1


de seed and chop your fruits

mix them well

sprinkle chat masala

squeeze lemon juice

toss them well to corporate them well

Ready to serve

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  1. This salad has sweet and tangy taste like we feel while eating chats. 
  2. You can use any fruit for this salad like grapes, kiwi, strawberry melon etc.
  3. Skip honey if you want it real chatpata without any sweetness.





  1. This is sure a chatpata fruit salad :) love the khatta meetha touch :) very delicious dear !!

  2. My all time favourite salad..loving it.

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