Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lemon Ice Tea with Normal Tea

Lemon Ice Tea with Normal Tea
Hi Friends,
After a long hectic day you need something lite and refreshing to freshen you up. which is not complicated to make, don't required fancy ingredients, tasty and healthy. means it could be a cup of tea/coffee/shake etc but sometimes crave for something different. So one fine evening i was feeling same and thought to have ice tea which i use to make with store bought Ice tea packet but this time i was out of stock so thought to make with available ingredients. 

I chose normal tea which is always available in any household. I was bit doubtful about the taste as i don't take tea and don't like its taste except masala tea. I went ahead and amazed with the outcome. Which amazed me most was color of the final prepration. I totally loved it. I am the person who can die for the colorful things and if its food then somebody should not dare to think of sharing from me. I made it few times later also. If you want this amazing color then be careful while boiling tea and water, you just need to simmer it and switch off the flame and sieve immediately more you let it on flame more dark color you get. This totally up to you how much dark you need it. Try it and get your color. 


Water- 2 cups
Tea-1 tsp
Cardamom-2 (optional)
Honey-2 tsp or as required

Grab your Ingredients

Heat water in a pan

Add tea and cardamom seeds

 give a boil and switch off the flame

Sieve it

Add honey

squeeze lemon

Mix well and let it cool down 

Now take a glass and fill with few ice cubes

Pour cooled tea in it

Garnish with a lemon wedge

See the beautiful color

I love this color

You can also boil water and tea more to get nice dark color like this

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  1. You can boil tea as per your preference. If you want tea dominating ice tea then boil it more or one boil is enough.
  2. Adjust honey and lemon as per your taste, add more or less.
  3. If you want to avoid ice then after boiling tea cool it and keep it in fridge to enjoy chilled ice tea.