Thursday, 26 September 2013

Moong Sprouts and Oats Dosa/ Healthy Dosa/cheela Healthy Recipes

Moong Sprouts and Oats Dosa/
Healthy Dosa/cheela
Healthy Recipes
Hi Friends,
There is one more addition in healthy dosa/cheela in my blog. I have a box full of oats and wanted to add them in my daily menu. So I searched so many recipes with oats but few recipes caught my attention in which oats were used in powder or flour form. Best thing was you can make flour in advance and store it. Any time you want to make something healthy and quick use this flour and your dishe is ready within minutes. I will soon post the recipe of oats flour.

This dosa/cheela is quick, healthy and flexible. You can add whatever floats in your boat i.e finally chopped onion, beans, carrot etc. or make it plain. Enjoy it any time of the day. I made this to pack in my kids lunch box. I served it for breakfast also and my son had it alone without any accompaniment. I was happy and satisfied. Adding sprouts makes them even more healthy and tasty. But you can gladly skip them. Try it guys you will love them.

Moong daal sprouts - half cup
Sooji/Rava- 1/2 cup
Oats Floor- 1/2 cup
Curry leaves- few
Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp
Coriander Seeds- 1/2 tsp
Water- as required


soak sooji for 5-10 minutes

crush cumin and coriander seeds

put soaked sooji in grinder 

grind for few seconds

now add moong sprouts and crushed coriander-cumin seeds

grind them all

take out in a bowl

now add oats flour in it

throw in curry patta salt 

add water and make a thin batter

Heat a tawa and pour and spread batter

turn out and cook for few seconds

Ready to go in lunch box

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  1. You can skip coriander or cumin seeds and add mustered seeds.
  2. You can adjust ratio of sooji, oats flour and moong sprouts as per your taste.
  3. You can finally chopped onion, coriander leaves etc for more flavorful dosa/cheela.
  4. You can temper the batter by heating one tsp oil and crackling mustered seeds and curry leaves but i wanted to use least oil so skipped this step and added crushed cumin and coriander seeds instead. 



  1. very healthy....would taste yumm with any chutney I believe :)

  2. Excellent and healthy looking dosa. Wonderful prepared.