Friday, 6 September 2013

Rice and Jeggary Steamed Dumpling/ Sweet-Pidi-Kozhukattai/ Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes

Rice and Jeggary Steamed Dumpling/
Chawal aur gud ke steamed Ladoo/
Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes
Hi Friends,
Before entering to blogging word i was not aware that each festival has its own delicacies to enjoy on that particular day. Like i was not aware that on Krishan Janamashtmi /Ganesh Chaturthi/ Christmas/ Navaratri/dussehra etc. we can enjoy lots of different dishes which are offered as Prasad to the Lord. The festivals i enjoyed as kid was Diwali/Holi and may be some bit of Christmas/Dussehra etc. Now my world of festive recipes is widened. Now about today's recipe. 
I always loved South Indian food but for me earlier South Indian food was Idli/Dosa/Utthapam/Upam and few more things only. After entering into blogging world i came to know that South Indian spread is so wide that we can explore it whole life and still there would be something more to try. Then i started trying my hands on it and loved it more then ever. Few time back i came to know about Kozhukattai and the word attracted me then i came to know that there are lots of varieties of it. But few days back i saw this recipe on Sharmis blog and i decided to try my hands on it immediately. So yesterday i made them. it came out good. Well i never tasted this so not aware that howz the exactly texture and taste they have. All i came to know is that its steamed and healthy recipe to offer to Lord Ganesha or to have as sweet. Hoep you all guys will like it.

Source- Sharmi's Blog 


Raw Rice- Half cup
Cardamom - 2
Water-2 cups
Dry fruits-1 tbsp (optional)

Grab your ingredients

If u don't have steamer or idli plates then make a steamer like this
Take a wide kadai or vessal and fill it with 1-2 glass water

then put a stand in it and 

on this stand place the vessel you will use for steaming
keep ready a plate or cover to cover this whole utensil

Now start with the process
Take rice and add cardamom seeds in it

take them in  grinder

pulse them

Now take 2 cups water in a pan

add jeggary

let it melt completely and switch off the flame

sieve it and discard impurities

Take jeggary water in a pan or kadai

When it comes to a boil

add grinded rice in it

mix well

Cover and cook for 3-5 minutes till the rice is cooked completely

now uncover and cook until all water evaporates

Now add chopped dry fruits and mix well

switch off the flame and let it cool down bit

when its hand bearable warm then grease your hands

take some portion and make this kind of shape

All done

Grease your chalni or steaming vessel

arrange kozukottai/ladoo in it

after 15 minutes they were shiny

Ready to offer to Lord Ganesha

  1. While grinding the raw rice try to grind them evenly means after grinding first time take out or sieve finely grounded rice and again grind leftover rice. 
  2. You can grind them finely like powder or coarse as per your choice.
  3. I did a mistake to make big ladoos. Always make small size ladoos (bit bigger then small rasgulla) which can me steamed & cooked in 10-12 minutes, my ladoos took 15 minutes and still i felt inside it was not cooked properly still it was fine.
  4. Source says after steaming when they become shiny that means they are done, but i checked it by inserting a toothpick like we do for cakes and it was perfect for me.