Friday, 25 January 2013

China Grass Pie With Biscuit Crust/ No Pie Pan Required/ Pie without Pie Pan

China Grass Pie With Biscuit Crust/
No Pie Pan Required/
Pie without Pie Pan
Hi Friends,
As in my earlier posts you can see i am trying recipes with China Grass like this.This and This And there is endless list of recipes which i wanted to try. So i combined these two things and this is the outcome. China Grass Pie. I never tried my hands on Pie. I ate it so many items but never dared to try it. I like its savory versions also. especially spinach and cheese Pie. I hope soon i will try that also. 
Now to today's recipe. My problem started with the PAN for Pie. We need removable pan base for this. I substituted that with a plate with high corners and covered it with Sling wrap. Now second problem was the crust. I am always afraid to make that. Then i went through so many blogs and found it very interesting that for non bake Pie we can use Biscuit crust. My eyes lit bright and an idea struck to my mind. Why not try a China Grass pie with biscuit crust. Woow. I said to myself. 
I bought biscuit to make crust and went ahead, it was first time so i was scared if it will not set then? With this dilemma i went ahead and made two lcolors filling. and put it in fridge. i took it out after 1 hours. It was looking so tempting. But as soon as i tried to remove sling it broke from few places. then i realised i need to set it fully before removing. It tasted awesome. 
My first attempt with China grass pie

Then i again tried it and this time left it overnight in the fridge. It  came out so perfect and delicious. i never thought that it will come out so well.  My heart was jumping with joy. I was successful in second attempt. Try it guys it can be center of attraction in a party specially if its for kids. I will highly recommend you to try it. You will love it.

Preparation time- 5 min
Cooking time- 10 (5 min crust+5 min filling)
Setting Time - 2 or more hours

For Crust 
Any biscuits - 15 pieces
Butter - 25 gm or 1.5 tbsp

For filling
China Grass/Agar Agar - 1 tbsp
Condense Milk - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1.5 cup
Food color (any)- a pinch
Rose essence - 2 drops

Ingredients for crust

take a plate with high edges and cover it with sling

break biscuits and put in a grinder

make powder out of this

melt butter in a pan

 when butter is melted add powdered biscuits

Mix it well

Tip in the prepared pan

Level it with help of spoon or with hands

Your crust is ready
Put it in the fridge for 20 min to set

Now take Ingredients for filling

Heat milk in a pan

Add condense milk

give it a boil

Now add china grass

Rose essence

few drops of color

Boil it till become thick

Fill your Pie
keep it in fridge to set

Fully set

Remove it on a plate

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  1. I will recommend you to use foil paper instead of sling film as it can handle hot things. you need to be very careful with sling film.
  2. You can use any biscuit for crust. Quantity depends upon the pan you are using. for big pan use more biscuits.
  3. Butter is essential to make crust. 
  4. Be careful while you will put butter and biscuit mix in the sling wrapped pan. as it will be bit hot and sling is so delicate to handle hot things. So cool it before tipping it in the pan.
  5. You can make this in any color, plain or even in mulitcolor. 
  6. Adding rose essence will enhance the flavor.
  7. Please let in the fridge for at least for 1-2 hours or preferably overnight to let it fully set.
  8. Be very carefull while removing sling from the crust. take support of some plate 




  1. wow i love agar agar just that it doesnt always work out fine for me.but ur pie looks superb!

  2. Wow...super...bookmarked da....


  3. so innovative!!!! you have done it soooo good!!!
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  4. wow!!This is so good and a perfect pie.I will try this soon as this is a good dessert for a gathering.Thanks for mentioning all the tips & mistakes,those are really helpful...
    Thanks for sending this to the Agar Agar contest,All the best with your entry!

  5. Can I have a piece of yummy looking pie?

  6. thanks all for your kind words