Friday, 18 January 2013

Peanut Chikki/Winters Special

Peanut Chikki/Winters Special
Hi Friends,
Yesterday it was raining in the Delhi. Today is more worst. Thought i like rain but in this shivering cold you need to manage to travel to and fro office and if you have enjoyed few showers then be ready to take few days leave to overcome from the side effects of winter's rain. But all these things are a good reason or excuse to indulge in all unhealthy but tasty food. One thing we enjoy a lot in winters is Peanut chikki, if made with jaggery is not unhealthy but if made it with sugar then you have to control yourself or find a good excuse to indulge.
These days so many types of chikkies are available in the market like sesame sees chikki, puffed rice chikki, dry fruit chikki etc. I started my journey of chikki with Peanuts. This is the most famous chikki. I never knew that its so easy to make it. Within 15 it was ready to eat. Its a quick sweet treat for people like me who crave for sweets more often. It also need few ingredients. So try it with whatever you have in hand. Next i will try chikki with jaggery. Till then you try and enjoy this one.


Roasted Peanutes- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup

Gather ingredients

a plate covered with foil

crush peanuts (don't make powder)

Heat a heavy bottom pan and add sugar 

Let in melt



 changing color slowly

now you have to work quickly

Add crushed peanuts 

Mix quickly

Take it off the heat and spread on the foiled plate
(grease a rolling pin and level it)

let it cool for 5 min

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  1. You need to be really quick after sugar become brown to spreading mix on greased plate otherwise it become solid and firm and you won't be able to spread it properly.
  2. Work carefully and keep everything ready before proceeding as it needs to work quickly.
  3. You can grease a simple plate to spread the mix and roll it with greased rolling pin to level it.
  4. You can make this chikki with Jaggery also.
  5. You can add bits of dry fruit, sesame seeds etc to make it more tasty.