Thursday, 10 January 2013

China Grass and Condense Milk Dessert/ Dessert with Agar Agar and Condense Milk

China Grass and Condense Milk Dessert/ 
Dessert with Agar Agar and Condense Milk
Hi Friends,
I am so happy today. I have two reasons for this happiness. first is i was planning to make Cheese Cake since long and i was not able to find China Grass anywhere. I tried hard for one year. Due to some reasons China Grass was not supplied in Delhi region. Few days back finally i found it in a grocery store. Its in powder and pudding mix form. But i am quite happy with the box i got as i can make anything with this. Soon i am going to try Cheese cake with it. 
Second reason is my new blogger friends Amy organised an Agar-Agar contest at her space. I was dying to participate in the contest. So yesterday my wish was fulfilled and i am sending my first entry to Amy. I am not having camera with me so these days i am using my hubby's camera to take pictures for my blog. So my pictures might not justify the actual dish. But i have tried best and i will ask you to try this dish once and you will fall in love with it. As you can add any flavor, fruits in it and garnish as per your wish.. It will never disappoint you.


Agar Agar/China Grass- 1 tbsp
Condense milk-2 tbsp or Sugar - 1 tbsp
Milk - 1.5 cups
Tutty Fruity - 1 tbsp (optional)
Any color of you choice

Take your ingredients

Heat milk 

Add china grass powder

Condense milk

boil it twice

add color and mix well

off the heat and let it cool a bit for 5 min

take your mold

adjust tutti fruity at the base

pour prepared mix 
let it cool a bit then keep in fridge for 20 min to set

Take out and take out of mold





  1. My china grass is in powder form which can be added directly to the milk. Use your China Grass per instructions on the box.
  2. Before pouring to the mold cool it a bit. 
  3. You can add bits of fruits dry fruits in it.
  4. Use your favorite color and flavor.





  1. Very beautiful and attractive dessert;

  2. this looks delicious and adding of fruits make it more appealing.Thats a great idea which I want to use in my next Agar Agar recipe.
    Thanks for sending this to the Agar Agar contest,All the best with your entry!

  3. Hiii.... from where, in delhi, u get d china grass/ agar agar

  4. From where can I buy agar agar powder in west delhi (Rajouri garden) .

    1. Dear Amarjeet, i dont know in Rajouri you can get it or not. But in Malviya nagar market there are few shops where you can get that.

  5. please can u give me exact address and name of shop which sells china grass...pleaaassseeee...i want to give my hubby a surprise of this dessert on his birthday!!

    1. Dear Radhika exact address i dont know. In the main market in the main lane where is cafe coffee day, lot of bakery shops and general stores are there. I think one of them is Jain store. from there i use to purchase these china grass packets. That is a big general store. I never went to that market so not so sure about shops as i have heard that its changed a lot. in INA market you can also get it.