Monday, 7 January 2013

Orange Basket/ Fruit Basket/ Fruit Salad with honey

Orange Basket/
Fruit Basket/
Fruit Salad with honey
Hi Friends,
These days Delhi is like Hill station. People are shivering and unwillingly waking up early in the morning do be regular and punctual on there office front. Working women like me feels like crying sometimes as waking up in foggy morning and doing daily chorus and heading towards office with heavy heart is least wanted thing to do. I less feel like having fruits in this kind of weather.  All i want is a cup of coffee on my table with some smoking hot snacks. 
But sometimes you need get out of that cozy blanket to make something for your kids and you search for quick and healthy snacks. Yesterday evening my kids were asking for some snacks, as we already had so much oily stuff in the morning so didn't wanted to make something fried, keeping that in mind i chose fruits, but my kids made so many faces when they saw me grabbing few of them. immediately oranges grabbed my attention. If you remember then i have a recipe of Papaya Basket in my blog. So inspired by that i made orange basket. I filled it with chopped fruits and topped with honey. I never knew that orange and honey can make such a delicious combo. I really loved that and so my kids.

Preparation time- 2-3 min
Whole process - 8-10 min
Serves - 2 kids


Orange - 1 big
Fruits (any)- chopped in small pieces - 2-3 tbsp
Honey - 1 Tbsp (to drizzle)

I chose apple, banana, grapes and orange segments to fill the basket

take one orange

cut in two halves

Scoop out the orange wadges

your basket is ready

mix all the fruits

fill your baskets

drizzle some honey on them



  1. You can also carve the orange to make the basket more attractive, i didn't do it because my hands were freeze because of so much cold heheheh. will try next time.
  2. You can use any of your favorite fruit to fill the basket. just keep in mind they should be chopped fine.
  3. Drizzling honey is optional but it will be a nice dressing and good for cough and cold also.





  1. Lived in North India for good 20 years so can understand the kind of foggy days blues you are mentioning ...
    This natural fruit bowl looks very healhty

  2. Very healthy and attractive fruits salad.

    today's recipe:

  3. Delicious and healthy salad, love that you served in orange fruit basket.

  4. yummy fruit salad...Its great when served inside an orange cup...
    Also waiting to see you with Event : Agar Agar Recipe Contest
    More recipes are most welcome!!

  5. thanks all for your sweet comments.
    Amy - Soon will be in participants list.

  6. I am really impressed with the creativity you have showed. Nice piece of work. Thank you for sharing the idea of making fruit basket