Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Chatpata Amla Jam/Spicy Gooseberry Spread

Chatpata Amla Jam/
Sweet and Spicy Gooseberry Spread
Hi Friends,
Everybody know the benefits of Amla (Gooseberry). Its full of nutrition.  We can see lots of Amla Products in markets like amla juice, amla candy, amla murabba etc. My Kids don't like its taste. They can have only Amla Murabba if forced a bit. They don't have it if they feel its original taste in it. So they accept it only in hidden taste. I am planning to make Murabba at home. 

I always prefer home made things, as i am working women so spending time in kitchen is a big deal for me. I hardly get time to peep in kitchen after making breakfast and Dinner. Still i try my best to make things at home. Making Amla Jam or Chatni was on my to-do list since long. I tasted it at my sister's home. It was not sweet like other Jam we get in the market. It was sweet, tangy with bit of tartness.  Yesterday i made this and was really happy to see the outcome. I was more then satisfied to see my daughter enjoying it. She ate it with spoon. As there is no oil in it i carelessly gave her  2-3 tsp to eat. She asked for more then i asked her to have it in breakfast as spread on bread. She agreed and i went to bed with great relief. Try it guys your kids and family will also like it.


Amla - half kg or 20 pieces
Sugar - 1 cup
Cinnamon Pdr- 1/4 tsp
Black pepper-1/4 tsp

Gather your ingredients
wash and clean amla/gooseberry

Boil 4 cups water in a pan

add amla, cover and cook for 15 min
(we need to cook it but not let it mushy)


Drain them, let them cool a bit

remove seeds and separate them

Now take amla pieces 

                          and sugar in mixer

Puree it

Take this puree in a wide kadai or pan

Cook and 

COOK and


Till it become bit shiny

and leave the sides 
Now add pepper and cinnamon pdr 

and come together

DONE after 15 min

Let it cool completely 

keep in airtight container

Sending to Lemon Kurry


  1. This jam is not sweet like other jam we get in market. Its sweet and spicy. If you don't like this taste then simply skip pepper and cinnamon pdr and increase sugar half cup.
  2. You can make puree of amla and then mix sugar and cook. but this way it would not be easy to puree amla. moisture of sugar helps in grinding.
  3. For more spicier version you can add some red chilly in it.
  4. After cooling completely store in glass bottle for long shelf life.