Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sandwich with leftover Sabzi/ Sandwich with Leftover Peas Carrot Dry Dish/ Leftover Recipe

Sandwich with leftover Sabzi/
Sandwich with Leftover Peas Carrot Dry Dish/
Leftover Recipe

Hi Friends,
After a long time i am posting a recipe with leftover ingredients.  I have so many leftover recipes in my blog. As i don't like wasting food in any manner But sometimes we don't like having same daals, Sabzis, curries again and again. So i use leftover daals, sabzis, rice etc to make something interesting like Laddo ParanthaSweet Chapati Wrap, Kaali Masoor Daal Parantha, Chana Daal Parantha, Daal Poori etc. Now today i am here with Sandwich which is stuffed with leftover carrot-peas sabzi. 
Yesterday this side dish was made by my MIL for dinner. My kids saw that and said-Mammy 'aap kuch acha kyu nahe banate' (mom why don't you make something good) They were least interested to have it. So tried to convert it in a sandwich. Can you believe that i made 4 sandwiches with this and all were finished within 10 min. My kids who was not ready to touch this veggie, after having that in sandwich form said- Wow mom its sooooo tasty. I was satisfied to feed them with some veggies but regret that i was not having Multi grain bread to make these sandwiches. Friends if your kids are fussy like mine then try this method i am sure you will win there hearts and feel very much satisfied to feed them something healthy. 


Leftover Sabzi/Side dish- 1 bowl/2-3 tbsp
Bread (any) - 4
Chat Masala - 2 tsp
Tomato Sauce- 2 tbsp
Butter - 2 tsp

Grab your ingredients

Take 2 slices of bread in a plate

apply tomato sauce

Place some leftover sabzi on it

Sprinkle Chaat masala

take another two slices of bread and apply tomato sauce on them

Cover up and apply butter on top

Place them in grill
you can do it on stove top also


Ready to serve

Cut them or have as it is

My kids had it with milk

  1. Everything is approximate here. like you can use ghee/oil instead of butter, use chatni instead of sauce etc.
  2. You can make these sandwiches with any dry leftover sabzi like, potato peas, carrot, cabbage, capsicum etc.
  3. Use any bread like brown, wheat or multi grain to make it more healthy.
  4. Spices and sauce are purely your choice. You can increase or decrease anything.
  5. You can fill some paneer or cheese to make it more yummy.
  6. You can replace amchoor with chaat masala to make it bit tangy.