Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fruit Salad/ Fruit Art

Fruit Salad/ Fruit Art
Hi Friends,
I know its not a recipe. Pictures are self explanatory.  Actually yesterday kids were asking for something. I gave them these fruits and they returned back to me saying we don't like this. Give us something like pakora, samosa etc. I was really don't want to give them something fried or unhealthy so i tried this method and believe me when they saw it comment came-Wooow Mammy its beautiful and they emptied plate playing that i will eat flower, i will eat stones etc. 
I was really amazed with the results that sometimes presentation is more important then outcome of the recipe. So friends i am leaving you here with very simple but attractive way or serving fruits to you kids or may be to make a attractive part of a party.

Orange - 1 
Banana- 1
Strawberry - 1
Black Grapes - 10-12

  1. Separate orange segments. Place segments to make flower leaves
  2. Place black grapes in the middle of them 
  3. Cut banana half in lengthwise and place it as trunk.  

4.  Now cut strawberry in half and use it to make                           buds
5.  Arrange black grapes to make stones at the bottom.

  Your Fruit Salad is READY

  1. Only thing i can say here is that guys use your imagination like to make trunk you can use carrot, and to make flower you can use strawberry also.
  2. If your kids like then you can give them some honey or chocolate sauce as dip to have with fruits.