Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bread Crumbs/Basic Recipe

Bread Crumbs/Basic Recipe 
Hi Friends,
I am here with a recipe which needs no introduction as it plays a major role when it comes to bind veggies to form into petty tikki or cutlets but people almost ignore to make it at home or use its substitutes. Yes i am talking about Bread Crumbs. I have seen people who just crush the bread and use it. It can be used like this also but i have seen that more granule bread crumbs more evenly mixed in the basic ingredients So when i searched the recipe i found that in most of the recipes its said to fry the bread pieces and then crush them to make fine powder. But i tried another my own way to make this. You need few minutes to make this basic thing and keep it for further use in rush hours.


Bread- 3 slices (use any bread white or brown)

Take bread

Heat a tawa or pan or grill

dry roast your bread

from both sides

tear them

take them in grinder or processor

pulse for few seconds


Your crumbs are ready
  1. You can toast the bread in the toaster also. 
  2. You can grease the tawa/pan, bread become more crisp.
  3. You can more brown the bread and make crumbs, it will be easy to pulse them and get real brown bread crumbs.
  4. I felt that these bit grainy crumbs are batter to bind potato or veggie mix. Brown and dry bread crumbs are good for coating tikki, patty or cutlets.