Monday, 30 July 2012

Whole Wheat Ladoo Wrap

Whole Wheat Sweet Wrap/
Grilled Sweet Wrap/
Ladoo Chapaati Wrap
Hi Friends,
India is a land of culture and celebration. Celebration is a part of our life. Celebration means lots of sweets (this is my definition) hehehe. I remember my childhood days when we wait for festivals, as on that particular day we will get lots of sweets and a kid like me who can survive on sweets, those days were golden days. My parents were never worried about the sweets piling in the fridge, they were fully sure that all will be finished by me. Yes i am that much sweet lover. 

On every occasion i use to devour each and every sweet one by one Without fearing of piling kilos or embarrassment of that somebody gazing at my plate to watch that how much I am eating, . Now being mom of two kids, I try to avoid sweets and every time I tried, i failed heheheh. Still i have a kid inside me who come out every time i see sweets  and without any quilt i gulp as much as i can, but there is a bit difference now that i try to hide my plate from my husband who always raise an eyebrow watching me eating all that, as i have already piled up so many kilos. Still not able to control. Any ideas to control the craving?
Few days back I was craving for something sweet, i was having some ladoos in hand. but already gulped so many, so wanted something different. Then this idea came to my mind. I made it and it was disappeared within few minutes, i got only one piece as all are gulped by others. no regrets. Try with your kids favorite sweet like dry gulab jamun, barfi, kalakand etc. I am more then sure that they will like it.(i am dying to try it with kalakand and mawa burfi). Till then enjoy this.

Chapati      - 2
Any sweet - 2-3 pieces (i used ladoo)
Ghee         - 2-3 tsp 

Take your ingredients

Apply ghee on both chapati

Break ladoo and apply on half portion of the chapati

Now wrap them with other half like this

Apply ghee on it

Put in your griller or simply roast on your roti tawa


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  1. You can make this wrap with any dry sweet like barfi, ladoo mawa roll etc.
  2. You can use butter or oil instead of ghee, but if you want real flavor then use ghee.
  3. I used whole wheat chapati,you can use tortillas.