Monday, 9 July 2012

Egg less Butterscotch Cake in Cooker

Eggless Butterscotch Cake in Cooker 
Hiii Friends, 

Hope you all are enjoying life. Two kids in a house means demands of snacks, sweets, drinks etc. etc. all the time. I bought 2 mini cake pan few days back. As soon as kids saw that pan, they kept on asking for a teddy bear cake. Since morning they started and till afternoon there was only one question 'Mammy cake is ready? i was too busy in other things and just tried to convince them that i will make it soon and the image of cake was set in my mind that it would be a custard snack cake  . But kids are kids they just wanted to have their cake as soon as possible. 
So after finishing all my work before serving lunch I gathered everything and then realized that i do not have custard powder in my hand. But while searching for a substitute i saw my butterscotch milk shake powder and withing 5 minutes i was ready to bake a cake. Outcome was just fantastic. butterscotch Cake was so soft and delicious. I will suggest you to give a try to this combo.

Flour                         - 3/4 cup (APF/Maida)
Milk                          - 3/4 cup
Sugar                         - 2 tsp
Banana                      - half (pureed)
Milk shake pdr          - 3 tbsp (Butterscotch)
Baking pdr                - 3/4 tsp
Baking Soda              - 2 pinch
Oil                             - 2 tbsp

Take all your ingredients

Keep your baking pan ready by 
greasing with oil and dusted with flour

 Sieve Flour, Baking soda and powder

Heat milk in a pan 

Add Sugar and Butterscotch powder, mix well and take off the heat

In another bowl mix oil and pureed banana

In separeate bowl add banana and oil mix

Add butter scotch mix and mix well

Now add Flour mix and mix well

Pour batter in Baking Pan and put in 
home made oven(fill 1 inch sand or salt in your old cooker)

Bake on medium flame and check after 15 minutes.

Eyes, nose,mouth are made with chocolate chips

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  1. I used APF/ Maida for this, you can try with wheat flour.
  2. You can frost the cake as per your wish, I was short of time and it was just to please the kids, so i avoided decoration. 
  3. Never heat the cooker empty, it will damage it.



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