Thursday, 5 July 2012

Whole Wheat Chapati Wrap

Whole Wheat Chapati Wrap/Leftover Recipe

Hiiiii Friends,

So I am here again with leftover recipe. You can make it with fresh chapati or sabzi also. but in my house leftover chapati, sabzi or daal rice is a common thing, which irritates me very much, I can not see food spoiled or wasted. Some time back I saw few recipes of quesadilla in few blogs, then idea of this recipe came to my mind and i recreated it to suit the taste of my kids.

Chapati   - 2 (fresh or leftover)
Sauce      - 2 tbsp 
Sabzi       - 2 tbsp (see notes)

Recipe :-
Take Your ingredients

Now apply sauce on chapati(roti)
I have applied tomato sauce on one

 and Kissan's tomato twist spread on another

Done with sauce

Now spread any filling like leftover sabzi on half portion of chapati (i had bhindi/okra/ladyfinger)

Cover with other half

Apply butter

Now toast it on your griller (or u can roast it on simple roti tawa)


SERVE as per your wish

  1. You can use fresh or leftover chapati for this.
  2. choose sauce/ mayo/spread according to your taste.
  3. According to me there is no need to add salt, if you feel then add salt, red chilly pdr, chat masala whatever you wish.
  4. If you do not have sauce in hand just apply any chatni, pickle masala or simply add spices and go ahead with the recipe.
  5. You can add cheese/paneer for more verity.



  1. Wow, thats really an interesting way to finish the leftovers, thanks a lot for sending to COG Pari..