Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oats Dessert

Oats Dessert/ 
Desert within 10 minute

Hi Friends,
I always buy a packet of oats for my health conscious hubby, but was not aware about any use other then adding it straight in a hot glass of milk. Then i saw in many blog how they prepare sweet and savoury dishes out of the rough kind of stuff. Then yesterday night i tried its sweet version with little quantity (scared of failure). It came out really yummy, adding dry fruits or fruits in it was a great idea.
It reminded me my mom's house. Where we use to make this kind of sweet dish with broken wheat (dalia). Its taste was exactly the same. Now its in my quick fix desert list. I have a sweet tooth and crave for some kind of sweet stuff very often. 
All enjoyed it at my home, but if you want to serve it to kids then add fruits and dry fruits for more nutritive dish. I thought of sprinkling some crushed cornflakes on top, but skipped. As do not want to take chance. But i think it would be a great topping. Soon i will try its savoury version. Till then enjoy this dish.

Oats   - 1 cup
Milk   - 2 cups
Sugar - 1 tbsp (add more or less)
Fruits or dry fruits - chopped (whatever you like)

Take your ingredients

 Dry roast oats for 3-4 seconds

 Add half cup of water

 After few seconds add milk

let it simmer for 2-3 minutes

It will boil after 1-2 min

Add sugar and dry fruits and mix well

DONE (If you prefer thinner version then add more milk)

Add chopped fruits like banana, apple before serving 


These three bowls are for three kiddies in my home
(pari, cash and thr DAD heheheh) 

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  1. I made this first time so do not want to take chance so added only raisins but you can go ahead with any fruit/dry fruit. I think that banana would be a great option.
  2. If serving to kids add their favorite fruit, dry fruit. You can crush them or make puree out of fruit and mix.
  3. Add milk and sugar as par your taste.



  1. I prepare this dessert very often!! Its really yummy :) Next time try adding some vanilla essence it will taste great.
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    Leftover Prawn 65 and A Fabulous Blog Ribbon

    -You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

    1. Thanks divya, will try it soon and let u know the outcome.

  2. Wat an inviting dessert,simply loving it.

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