Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chocolate Fruit Sandwich

Hi Friends,
Sometimes kids make sudden demands for some snacks like sandwich/ drinks /sweets etc. By the time i have started this blog, my kids are more attracted to the food i prepare,their demands are increasing day by day, as soon as i bring my camera in kitchen questionair starts 'mammy what are u cooking?' mammy can i mix it?,Is it ready?, we will hold the bowl?, we will take pictures and many more things. Speaking truly they are an integral part of my blogging world. They help me a lot by holding things for me, helps in mixing and many more ways. 
I love their interest in these things, My daughter(Pari) is more curious and helpful, she is only five and help me in many ways. I will post few pictures taken by her. My son (cash) a fussy eater, when ask me that what i am cooking i love his voice and interest, this inspires me a lot to cook something healthy and attractive for them. Now i have started making quick small snacks for them. Few days back i made this sandwich and they loved that, Even my hubby join them whenever i serve something. They are my best critics and food testers.
Bread                    - 6 Pieces
Chocolate Sauce   - 2-3 tbsp
Banana                  - 2
Cherry                   - 2 tsp (optional)
Sprinkler               - 2 tsp (optional)

For Chocolate Sauce:-
Cooking Chocolate    -  2 inch long piece or 1 dairy milk (Rs 10)
Milk                           -  3-4 tbsp

Make Chocolate Sauce 
Heat milk in the pan

Add chocolate and melt it-keep stirring


Now take your ingredients
Chop Banana in rounds

Lay 3 bread pieces in a plate/try

Apply Chocolate Sauce

Arrange banana slices on it

Now start adding cherry and sprinkles

Added cherry and sprinkles

Take another Bread slice and apply sauce

Cover Bread slices with it

All covered

Slice them

Ready to Serve

Serve Kids with a Glass of Milk

Or with Pop Corn or with more Sprinkles  

(my kids holding  plate)

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Olympic Games
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Let's Cook - Breads 
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ending to Pari's preschooler snacks, brain child of Nithu's Kitchen 

  1. Use any fruit for your choice.
  2. Instead of making chocolate sauce you can use ready-made Hershey's chocolate syrup
  3. Use any Jam/Spread of your choice instead of Chocolate Sauce.
  4. You can use any bread. (I used Multi Grain).
  5. Cherry/Sprinkles are just for a crunch and to attract kids. You can use dry fruits(hubby's idea-will try next time).