Friday, 27 July 2012

Ladoo Parantha

Hi Friends,
Who does not know about ladoos (sweet dumpling). All Indians knows it. In other countries truffle is one kind of ladoo (chocolate ladoo), now you got the idea, difference is in ingredients and somewhat in method of preparing. Generaly ladoos are made by frying one or two kind of flours in ghee and then adding dryfuits and bind them in round shape.  In childhood memories somewhere in some form ladoos are involved. I think it would be first Indian sweet. As earlier Ladoo was the first thing we get on festivals or on any happy occasions. In ancient times Ladoos were distributed on happy occasions and ladoos are offered to God as Prasad in poojas. It has so many veriety like besan (Gram flour) ladoo, Motichoor Ladoo, Atta (wheat flour) ladoo, Mawa Ladoo, Piini Ladoo and many more. Verity is more then enough. Though in modern sweet regime ladoos are bit ignored, but still it has its special space in our hearts. I still love Pinni Ladoo and Gram flour ladoos with lot of dry fruits. Below is motichoor ladoo.
Few days back some relative gave these motichoor ladoos for us. It was tiring to eat ladoo in the same form again and again. Then i reminded how my mother use to make these sweet ladoo paranthas/pancake/flat bread, and my experiments started with these sweet cute roundals. I made few snacks with them. Will post soon. I use to make paranthas with other sweets like burfi but after a very long time i got ladoo in my hand to make these paranthas. So try these at home and see your kids enjoying.


Wheat Flour Dough+Ladoo


Take Lemon Size Ball out of the dough and roll in small disk.
(Note:-center of the disk should be thick and sides thin)

Mash one Ladoo and place on the disk
Start Covering from all sides

Cover from all sides and press with your palm

Now roll it very smoothly in flat disk

Place on heated flat Tawa/ Non stick pan
Apply oil preferably ghee (Indian unsalted butter)
 and fry form both sides

Even you can have it with Chocolate sauce 


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  1. Roll paranthas very smoothly otherwise they will tear up.
  2. You can use all purpose flour to make dough. I used wheat flour for healthier version.
  3. For frying Parantha use ghee preferably for real taste or you can use oil/butter.
  4. You can use burfi/Milk fudge to make this bread if you do not have ladoo/sweet dumpling in hand.



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