Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Whole Wheat Veggie Pasta/ Kids Special/ Lunch Box Recipes

Whole Wheat Veggie Pasta/
Kids Special/
Lunch Box Recipes
Hi Friends,
I got this whole wheat pasta in Diwali gift of big basket filled with all kind of goodies. Since then i was planning to try my hands on it. but somehow it didn't happened as sending pasta (junk food) is not allowed at my kids school. Every time i told them i making pasta for their lunch box they will start shouting NOOO Mom Its not allowed. Mam will be angry. So for few days i kept on telling my kids that this is whole wheat pasta and very good for health so that  they can reply if their teacher ask. puffff a tough task.
I asked my kids which veggies they will like to add in it so they replied carrot and capsicum. But you can add any of your favorite vaggies like corn, baby corn, cheese, cauliflower etc. in it. Adding vinegar will also enhance the taste but my kids don't like its taste so i skipped it. I wanted to keep it simple. My kids like it with tomato sauce so i always keep one pouch in their lunch box. My mom dad and sis like it simple, i make it this way so that i can serve it to everybody. I boiled pasta at night and made it in the morning. It took me hardly 15 minutes to make it. You can have it any time like in breakfast for lunch/dinner or as evening snack also. Its quite filling. So friends 

Whole Wheat Pasta- 2 cups 
Carrot- 1 tbsp sliced in thin strips
Capsicum - 1 sliced in long strips
Onion-1 tbsp sliced in thin long strips
Tomato- 1 tbsp sliced in thin long strips
peas-1 tbsp
Oregano-2 tsp
Salt - according to taste

Take your pasta
this is the packet of whole wheat pasta i got in the basket gifted to me on Diwali

I have done this process (boiling of pasta) at night
Heat lots of water with 2 tsp oil+1 tsp salt

add your pasta

boil for 5 minutes on high

now switch off the gas and cover for 1-2 minutes

drain water completely

Rinse with cold water

 Now gather your ingredients
Heat 2-3 tsp oil in a wide kadai/pan

add peas and let them get cooked 

add carrot

and here goes capsicum

then tomato

and onion

saute them for few seconds

don't over cook, veggies should be crunchy

add cooked pasta

then oregano and salt

nice aroma will start filling your kitchen

mix well and keep on stirring on high flame

all mixed and cooked properly



  1. Don't overcook pasta. It should be cooked and firm but not wilted. Time for boiling pasta depends upon the variety of pasta used. So boil it accordingly.
  2. In case pasta is over cooked rinse it with chilled water and keep in fridge for some time (may be 30 minutes to 1 hours) 
  3. You can make this with normal white pasta, including veggies will make it healthy.
  4. Use any of your favorite sauce like tomato sauce in it to enhance the taste. sometimes i don't add while cooking but add separately while serving.
  5. Add any veggie you like according to your liking. 
  6. For a different taste skip oregano and add chat masala. 
Hope you will like it

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  1. wow such an healthy and delicious pasta :) looks super inviting !!