Friday, 20 December 2013

Ghee Rice/ Rice cooked with Spices and Clarified Butter

                                 Ghee Rice/
                           Ghee wale Chawal/
Rice cooked with Spices and Clarified Butter
Hi Friends,
Ghee Rice I heard this name after becoming a blogger. I am a huge fan of South Indian cooking. Name tempted me a lot somehow i ignored to try my hands on it as i felt that it could be normal rice smeared with ghee. from my childhood to till now i use to add ghee and jageery/gud in hot plain rice and eat as sweet dish after meal. but some tempting pictures in few blogs me tempted me to give it a try. while rice was boiling, the aroma of ghee filled whole house and i felt the difference between adding ghee in rice and cooking rice in ghee. 
I added very less spices in it as my kids don't like them much. You can add other spices like cumin seeds, jawitri etc. These are so easy, quick and yummy rice a very nice treat for anyone you want to please. Its healthy for winters as these spice and ghee warm up your body from inside. So enjoy winters with these steamy, shiny rice.


Rice- 1 cup
Ghee - melted 1 tbsp or 2 tbsp if you wish
Loung- 5-6
Cinnamon stick- 1 inch long
Black Pepper - 8-10 seeds
Salt- 1/2 tsp (see notes)
Water- added 3 cups of water

Take all your ingredients

Heat a large pan/kadai

add ghee 

melt it completely

throw in spice and let them splutter for few seconds


now add drained and washed rice

mix and let them cook for few seconds

they will become shiny

now add water and mix well

let it boil

when water is almost evaporated and 
rice are almost cooked 
then cover and cook for few minutes 
till rice are fully cooked



mash with fingers


Its ready to serve

smell heavenly


I enjoyed it with Punjabi Potato Kadi


  1. Be liberal while adding ghee, more ghee will give more taste. I took out one heaped tsp full of ghee which become 1.5 tbsp after melting.
  2. You can also add more spices in it. but my kids starts making faces if added lot of spices. So added only few. You can add cumin seeds, jawitri, cardamom etc. 
  3. Quantity of water depends upon the rice you are using. so add water accordingly. 
  4. Adding salt is optional , but i don't add it because i use to serve a bowl full of these hot rice mixed with shakkar/jeggary. If you don't have any plan to do it then add salt accordingly, as side dish you serving must be having some salt in it.
Hope you will like it

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