Thursday, 26 December 2013

Gobi Pakora/ Gobhi ka Pakora/ Cauliflower Fritter/ Besan aur Chawal ke sath Gobi Ke Pakoray/ Cauliflower Fritter with Rice and Chickpea Flour

Gobi Pakora/
Gobhi ka Pakora/
Cauliflower Fritter/
Besan aur Chawal ke Attay ke Gobi Pakoray/
Cauliflower Fritter with Rice and Chickpea Flour
Hi Friends,
Do you enjoy Pakoras/fritters, in chilly winters with hot piping tea or coffee. I know people are drooling there. Nobody can say NO to these pakoras. I made these pakoras on Christmas evening specially for kids. They kept on asking for more and more. 
These pakoras are crisp from outside and soft from inside. Using both flours gave them a unique taste and crispness. You can use only one flour to make them regular pakoras but believe me make once this way you will never take u-turn. Rice flour will give them crispness. Adding rice flour will increase your time for frying as it will take bit more time to fry properly and turn brown. But efforts worth it. Try them guys you will relish them as we did.

If you want to make it for party/get-together.
  1. Follow the process and fry the pakoras only 70% and cool them completely, pack in a airtight container and store them in fridge (not freezer). Take one hour before the party and fry them again. It will take hardly anytime to make and serve them.
  2. To fasten up the process make small pieces of vegetable like one inch thick. It will take you few minutes to fry a batch.

Cauliflower- 1 big cut in florets
Chickpea flour/Besan-1.5 cups
Rice Flour- 1/2 cup
Cumin Seeds- 2 tsp
Red chilly pdr- 1 tsp
Salt- as per your taste
Water- to make batter
Oil- for frying
Chaat Masala- as needed
Tomato Sauce- as needed

Take all your ingredients

and cauliflower cut in florets

Take both flours+red chilly pdr+salt in a sieve

Sieve them altogether for a uniform mix

Now take cumin seeds

Crush them

Take all sieved ingredients in a bog bowl

Add water slowly 

Make a smooth batter

add crushed cumin seeds

Mix well

Everything ready

Heat oil in a big pan or kadai

Take a floret

Dip in batter

slowly slip in hot oil
(see its not sizzling so oil in not ready to fry)

It should sizzle like this when dropped in oil
It means oil is ready to fry


 Now throw in some florets together in batter

Drop them in oil one by one
(Fry on medium heat)

they will start floating on the top

See all turning brown and beautiful


Remove on a kitchen towel or tissue to remove excess oil


Sprinkle some chaat masala

or enjoy with tomato sauce

Crunchy Crispy Pakorasssss

  1. You can use only one flour for these pakoras/fritters but mix of these flours will give a unique taste and crunch.
  2. You can skip cumin seeds if you don't like it.
  3. Heat oil first and then keep flame on medium to fry pakoras.
  4. People use to lightly boil cauliflower before making pakoras but trust me its absolutely not required.
Hope you will like it


  1. Fantastic crispy cauliflower. Mouth watery snack.

  2. Very inviting pakora :) looks super delicious dear !!


  3. it is my first time visit here, now basan pakodi is simple pakodi. thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan