Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Nariyal ki Chatni/Coconut Dip/Coconut Chatni

Nariyal ki Chatni/
Coconut Dip/
Coconut Chatni
Hi Friends,
I don't think any introduction is required for this preparation. A very authentic preparation from South Indian Cooking. For me without this any South Indian Dosa/uthapam is incomplete. I really love this chatni since childhood. In my childhood i use to skip sambhar and had my dosa/uthapam only with this chatni. I like sambhar with a less veggies, if its flooded with drum sticks, brinjle then i use to discard all that solid stuff and take only gravy to relish my dosa/uthapam with this chatni. 
I tried it lots of time but didn't got the real taste as i never ever tampered any chatni earlier. Then blogging word taught me the right way to make this chatni. Its a very quick recipe. Its not limited only to South Indian cooking. I have made very odd combinations with it. Even i use to have this chatni with simple rice/roti/naan/pulao and even with pasta yes heard right PASTA etc. So friends its your choice to have it with anything you like. Try it enjoy it.

Shredded Coconut - 1 cup
Roasted Gram - 1/2 Cup
Urad daal- 1 tsp
Mustered Seeds- 1tsp
curry leaves - few
Salt-as per your taste


Soak roasted gram in one cup water for 5 minutes

drain water and add them in grinder

add shredded coconut

pulse it 
add more water if required

take it out in a bowl

Now we will prepare tempering
heat 1 tsp oil

fry urad daal

when it will turn brown

add mustered seeds+curry leaves and let them splutter

 thrown in grinded chatni

mix well

Ready to Serve

  1. Use fresh coconut for authentic taste. I was not having fresh one so used store bought desiccated coconut.
  2. You can use Gram daal instead of roasted gram. I was having this in hand so used it still it tastes great.
  3. You can add green chilly or add red chilly while grinding to spice it up.